Thursday, September 13, 2007

Celebrations and Pride on Air Force Birthday

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On September 18, 1947, the U.S. Air Force was born. With its astounding success, the U.S. Air Force has made America proud, by making it one of the most powerful countries in the post Second World War scenario. Celebrate this fighter and brave spirit of the U.S. Air Force, by sending these inspiring e-cards to your friends/family/dear ones on Air Force Birthday! Make 'em feel proud of the courageous young guys fighting for our nation!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Sweet Honey Birthday Greetings

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Hey guys! it's Honey Month(September), and time to indulge in sweets and yummy dishes. The word "honey" reminds us of something sweet and delicious and makes us loved and pampered! Now it's time to pamper your taste buds and tempt your sweet tooth with mouthwatering recipes made with honey.

If it is your upcoming birthday, prepare something special with honey like banana and strawberry honey smoothie, honey chicken, honey and vanilla milkshake, honey-glazed ham, honey fruit cakes, and honey lemon chicken wings. There are many interesting recipes with honey, that you can prepare on your birthday. Send these sweet temptations birthday wishes to your loved ones and friends which are too sweet to resist!!

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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for a Gem of a Friend

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Among all the friends that we have, there is a special someone whom we cherish deep inside our heart. This friend is indeed that unique gem who makes us feel extra special. He/she is loyal, understanding, caring and is always there whenever we need them. Just as a gem is hidden deep inside the shell and is hard to find, so also a true friend is rare and is a gift from God!

If you are blessed with a true friend who make your life all the more beautiful, send him/her your warmest and special birthday wishes and raise a toast on having such a friend!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You're Invited To My Birthday Party

Are you always puzzled when you want to send out your birthday invitations? Lemme help you with some essential pointers for sending out birthday invitations to your loved ones:
  1. Remember to send out your birthday invitations much ahead of the actual date, so that you can avoid the last minute rush.
  2. Keep your invitations short and simple, and mention correctly the time and venue of the birthday party.
  3. Give hints about the birthday party theme if you have plans for any, so that your guests can come dressing for the same.
Most importantly, send in these cute and simple birthday invitations e-cards, which are free, and fastest to send. Just mention the name of your buddy or loved one and send them right away!
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Relish Your Birthday Fun with Hot Dogs!!

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Are you having your birthday sometimes in this weekend? Or maybe it's your friend's birthday? With Hot Dog Day just around the corner, you can double up your birthday fun with preparing yummy and juicy hot dogs! Don't forget to invite all your friends and relatives. Experiment with a lot of spicy and lip smacking hot dog and take them with ketchup, mustard, chili, sauerkraut, mayonnaise, beans, tomato salsa or pickles. Have a groovy birthday fun with your buddies by sending 'em these mouthwatering birthday wishes!!

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