Monday, July 16, 2007

Dessert For Summer Birthday Party

It's summer once again and the scorching noons have already started to burn your skin tan and make you crave for the cool desserts. If this is your birth month then probably you are planning to celebrate your birthday. And believe me celebrating your birthday with the yummy desserts will be the coolest way to surprise your friends and guests. It is beyond any doubt that a mere mention of dessert in your birthday party menu list will surely bring a delightful curve on faces of your guests – especially when the mercury level is on a desperate rise.

It would be wise enough to make a delicious birthday dessert recipe at your home to beat the heat and strike your special guests attending your birthday party with sudden surprise. Here's a couple of awesome and very unusual recipes that you can try out on your birthday party this year.

Birthday Party Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe

All you require to prepare this awesome dessert recipe are:

100g sugar
3 raw eggs
250ml heavy cream – whipped
500ml milk
2 cups blanched pistachio nuts (shelled)
2 Teaspoon full vanilla extract
1 ½ Teaspoon almond extract

Place the egg yolks, milk nuts and sugar in a blender and blend them together till it becomes a smooth

mixture. Use a saucepan to heat the mixture gently over a simmer flame . While heating the mixture stir the thing constantly to get it thickened. Avoid boiling. Remove the mixture from heat when it has become thick. Let the whole mixture cool down thoroughly.

When it has lost its heat and cooled down to the room temperature add the both the extracts and the whipped cream and gently stir it for a couple of minutes. Now you can transfer the whole thing into the freezer or an ice cream maker and let it freeze for a couple of hours.

There are many other Birthday Pistachio Ice Cream recipes that you can try out to give a special touch to your birthday party.

Gift Of Love ! A beautiful Birthday wish for your friends/ dear ones.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friendship Day Birthday Menu

Friendship Day(August 5) fun can double with a birthday celebration. If you or any of your dear ones are celebrating their birthday, make sure to arrange for some mouthwatering recipes that would be perfect for this special day. While many of us prefer to dine out these days, it is more fun when you prepare home cooked food.

Let me tell you about some popular food items for a Friendship Day birthday. We all love tasty fast food. The same goes for your friends. Make arrangement for mouthwatering hot dogs, which are very popular food for any occasion. You can prepare barbecued hot dogs, hot dog casserole with beans, sweet and sour hot dogs, hot dogs with cabbage, hot dogs with chili sauce, hot dogs and corn casserole, crockpot chili dogs, hot dog and bacon roll-ups, corn dogs, skillet beans with smoked sausage, and many others. When it comes to hot dogs, you can invent recipes and condiments which you prefer, so there are lot of scopes for experiment.

Other popular recipes include cottage cheese sizzlers, croissants, baked macaroni, semolina cookies, spicy lamb cutlets, vermicelli pudding, chocolate mint ice, vanilla cake, pecan cookies, ice-creams and desserts, seafood, soups and stews, chips and dips, muffins, candies, pies, salads, meatloafs, grilled chicken, BBQ sandwich, barbecued lamb, grilled salmon, spicy chicken wings, and the list just goes on. If you or your loved ones are celebrating a Friendship Day birthday, make sure to include lot of these food items, for an exhilarating evening with friends!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Enjoy Birthday With Coffee Week

Hi guys! It's coffee week from July22nd-28th. It means you can indulge in your favorite coffee whenever and wherever you want. If your or your loved one's birthday falls on this coffee week, make sure to chat for long hours over steaming cups of coffee or cold coffee, whichever you love the most.
Coffee is grown around the world and comes in different varieties. Around two-thirds of the world's coffee comes from the Americas. Also, Arabia, India, Africa, West Indies, Java and Sumatra produces considerable amount of coffee, and each has its unique taste. Every country makes and drinks coffee according to their own taste.
Today we have hundreds of coffee types available which are very popular among coffee lovers--Cappuccino, Black coffee, Caffe latte, Irish coffee, Cafe Breva, Americano, Café Frappé, Café Mocha, Espresso, Latteccino, Schlagobers, and many others! Coffee brings instant energy and mental stimulation, so go ahead and indulge in your chosen flavor with friends and dear ones on a birthday event. Spice up your spirit with that energizing cuppa!