Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bithday Party Themes - Part 1

Celebrating the Birthday in an exclusive and diverse manner is a trend today. Themes are the first course of a Birthday party and with a little endeavor it can sway the whole bash to the peak of entertainment. If you can arrange for a bright theme for your birthday party, especially if it’s a weekend one, you guys can have a combination of fun and humor at one go. Theme parties are largely adored everywhere and it has gained immense popularity by spreading its uniqueness. Who doesn’t want to throw a party that will stand out from other? No matter which milestone we celebrate, but it’s a deep-rooted wish for everyone that their birthday bash will be different from others. Some of us fall short of ideas sometimes and therefore end up with a simple fun-loving party and then later on crib about the fact that the party didn’t match our wish.

Let’s see if I can be of any help as I have found some exclusive themes for you that would make your guest go rock the birthday party. While choosing a theme, you have to keep in mind that the theme should be active, jaunty, colorful and most importantly should go with the age group of the invitees. Don’t choose something that would make the birthday girl or birthday boy feel upset with it. Themes such as Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Baby’s 1st birthday , Spiderman Birthday Party, Disney Princesses Birthday party, Dinosaur Birthday Party and Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party are some of the most treasured and eminent Themes that bring a spirit of fun , delight and thrill to the birthday party.

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  • Harry potter party theme: An enchanting Theme though, Harry Potter has got some magical games, crafts and activities that will rock the entire kids party. Combine aspects from different books and movies like the spider webs, plastic spiders, twinkling party lights, plastic frogs, jars of potion, dragon alley shop signs, painted blue or green butcher paper for underwater world scenario and lastly paper snowflakes and white streamers for Yule ball. With the help of the teens decorate the party area with the enlisted elements. Then divide the guests in diverse teams corresponding to the play characters, cater to them with desired equipments and start rocking the party with this majestic Theme.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean party theme: the Pirates of the Caribbean party Theme is an absolute enjoyment with Captain Jack Sparrow and his screw of pirates. Craft a pirate adventure treasure map as an invitation card to set the mood. Red, black and gold will be the color scheme of this party and should be used in balloons, streamers and tablecloth to inflict a sparkling and exploratory ambiance to the party. Put up a daring poster on the doorway, purchase pirate flags in various colors and cover the table with it. Scatter gold chocolate (or plastic) coins and plastic jewels and add a pirate chest piñata to the decoration.
  • Spiderman’s party theme: Keep red and blue as the color scheme of the party. Cover your table with a white sheet and place the red and blue colored streamers down the center of the table. Garland the doorway with spider balloons, posters and red and blue posters. Scatter some plastic small spiders on the table and make a gift bag filled with a Spiderman toy, birthday cake or even can place a bouquet of balloons. Introduce some spider man games, Spiderman’s web walk and party crafts which will add to the enthusiasm of the party.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Birthday Party Invitation Ideas !

Hello guys! So what’s up for the weekend? How do you plan to enjoy your birthday this weekend? You must be planning for a great bash with tons of fun activities…so are you done with your invitations? Have you called upon your buddies and other guests? How do you actu7ally invite your fellow members…over the phone? Yeah…we all do that! But you know what…today when I was surfing the net I found that we can even make our invitations a bit funky which would give the invitees a hint as to how much fun a birthday party can be. I came across some invitation patterns today and they really looked pretty cool to me. I don’t know if some of you have ever thought about birthday invitations so intensely but I guess since weekend has arrived, we can take out some time to give our party an exclusive touch. Well, so let me share some invitation pattern that I have collected from net.

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Every birthday is special and deserves to be celebrated with family and friends. My Gatsby offers birthday party invitations for those over the hill birthdays and every birthday on the way up! Their birthday party invitations are available in easy to print formats and in every color of the rainbow. You can try out some of these milestone birthday as well as theme birthday invitation patters: 1st Birthday Baby Tag Invitations, 1st Birthday Cake Die-Cut Fill-Ins, 40th Birthday Tea Length Topper, 60's Feet Invitations, Around the House Die-Cut Invitations, Ballerina Feet Invitations, Balloons Invitation, Birthday Banner Mini Flats, Birthday Cake Die-Cut, Birthday Celebration Invitations, Birthday Party Pink Invitation, Confetti Border Invitations, Couch Party Invitations, Crown & Wand Tie-Up, Blank or Printed, Crown & Wand Tie-Up, Blank or Printed, Fire Truck Die-Cut Fill-In Invitations, Party Jubilee Invitations, Party Foil Stamped Uptowns, Sports A-6 Fill-In Invitations, Surprise! Jumbo Die-Cut Invitations, Slumber Party Invitations and many more.

If you prepare for a circus themed birthday party, you can design the invitation in this way: A striped blue, light blue, red and white circus tent to be raised for celebration atop a white panel card with rounded corners. The red and white polka dotted band at the base creates a fitting frame for birthday invitations or any circus type event! Unique birthday invitations grab attention and remind the invited to show up for the party. Children can assist in making the invitations, meaning they can participate in more than just the actual party. A puzzle party invitation is definitely a unique idea. The card is made like a puzzle and the recipient must put it together to read the details. What fun for small kids and what a one-of-a-kind idea! When the puzzle invitation arrives in the recipient's mailbox the child will be thrilled and will have a project to accomplish which will make him or her even happier.

Guess you liked the invitation ideas! Even I too liked them a lot as they seem to me quite flashy and smart. You can order them on the net or can visit any shops that sell such fantastic party invitations or even you can prepare them on your own by getting the materials. Choice is yours! You can check out this site for more birthday party invitation ideas.

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Top Ten Birthday Quotes !

Birthday Quotes are one of the most charming ways to wish the honored person. These short and sweet verses strike the chord of affection in the recipient’s heart as soon as it lands in his or her hand. A birthday quote is a sweet thread of those aspiring words of wisdom that conveys a feeling of affection and best wishes for the birthday boy or girl.

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Enjoy these wonderful birthday quotes that I have found on the net:

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. - Lucille ball

The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune. English Proverb

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. - Jack Benny

The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything. - Oscar Wilde

There are so many things about which some old man ought to tell one while one is little; for when one is grown one would know them as a matter of course. - Rainer Maria Rilke

PLeas’d look forward, pleas'd to look behind,
And count each birthday with a grateful mind. - Alexander Pope

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young. - Fred Astaire

Whatever with the past has gone,
The best is always yet to come. - Lucy Larcom

It takes a long time to grow young. - Pablo Picasso

It is better to wear out than to rust out. - Bishop Richard Cumberland

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birthday Poems !

Hello Guys! What is it other than gifts that make you feel special and bring a smile on your face the moment you throw a glance at it? Hey! I’m talking about the birthday poems. These short and sweet birthday poems are fit for all kind of birthdays. You can team it up with a greetings card or can attach it as a tag to the gift item. Birthday poems explicitly define a birthday wish in metaphorical lingo that touches the heart of the honored person at that very moment. Here’s a collection of few birthday poems that will buy a lingering smile to the birthday boy or girl’s face, the moment they would receive it.

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Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I’m very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.
I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,
I hope you have many more!
By Joanna Fuchs

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!
By Joanna Fuchs

Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.
So happy birthday to you (name),
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they’re flying off the chart!
By Karl Fuchs

Birthdays are happy events,
Times when dreams come true.
So dream a good dream (and let someone know!),
It just might work for you!
Have a happy celebration
One you’ll always recall,
And be aware on this day of days,
You’re the most special person of all!
By Karl Fuchs

Another year has come and gone;
The sands of time keep trickling away.
Your birthday reminds me to let you know
I'm thankful for you each and every day.
By Karl Fuchs

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Birthday Gift Ideas for your Best Friend !

Is your best friend's birthday almost knocking at the door? Haven't you yet decided about Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas? Well, your search is over then. Here I am to provide you with some ideas on birthday gifts for your best friend. Whether you want shinning crystal and fresh pearl jewelry or some beautiful Venetian glass heart pendants, there are many online sites that will help you get gifts of your choice without any hazard. Whatever your age is, you want to give your best friend something really special for his or her birthday to show that you appreciate their friendship. Sometimes we feel at a loss because we think that they have everything they could possibly want or use. Not so! There's always something that will have a special meaning because you gave it.

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Here are some cool tips which you can try:

A gift of wine is an excellent expression of how you feel. Now, at many wine online merchants, you can have wine bottles personalized to show how much you care. Or, consider a personalized engraved bottle of champagne and toasting glasses.

Looking for something unusual for those folks who have everything? Keep your computer powered up and let your fingers do the shopping at the online stores of American museums and other sites that specialize in replicas of ancient and modern art for your art-lover friend.

Buy a gift-card from your local bookstore and make your own bookmark so your friend will never forget your thoughtfulness. Get on your computer and type up your favorite poem or memorable song lyrics, add some graphics and get it laminated at most office-supply stores. Every time your friend opens a book, he or she will remember you with a smile.

For the music lover, here's one that will top the list of best friend birthday gift ideas:
Make up a CD of #1 songs from the year they were born up to now — you can even theme it: #1 Disco Songs, #1 Heavy Metal Songs, etc. Add in a gift certificate to an online music-downloading site, and they're sure to do a little dance!

Who doesn't deserve a day at the spa? Purchase a sturdy cosmetic bag and add all the fixings for a do-it-yourself spa — hand cream, body lotion, scented oils, face mask, manicure set. Make a relaxing CD to put inside and top it off with a gift certificate at the local spa for a massage on you!

For the person who never has any time to herself. Create your own coupon booklet offering your services to help out the one that's always been there for you. Include "a day of gardening", "baby-sit the kids", "clean the house" and "organize the closets". Use your imagination and fit the coupons to the needs of your friend. This thoughtful gesture will be considered by the recipient as one of the best friend birthday gift ideas ever!

For the movie buff, get a year's free subscription to Netflix so they'll be able to have DVD's delivered right to their door. All they'll have to do is supply their own popcorn. Or, you can do that too by ordering (online, of course) a selection of premium gourmet popcorn.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Birthday Gift Ideas for your Boss !

Hello Guys! Till now I have been writing on families and relatives but today, my post is going to present some tips on birthday gifts for your boss. It’s a tough job to choose an apt gift for your boss as along with the gift, you represent your taste, attitude and respect for your boss. Here are some ideas that you can try out if you are planning up something for your boss. No matter how much hard and tough he is, it’s your duty to show gratitude and birthday is the best opportunity which you can utilize. You want to gift the boss with something special, but you don’t want to be too personal or exorbitant. You don’t want to embarrass the receiver with your largesse, but you don’t want to appear tight fisted in the eyes of someone you like – or your office peers.

People appreciate gifts that commemorate good times and successes at work. A memory book in which all staff write comments and share high points of the year is an often appreciated gift. Depending on the individual, scrap books with pictures of staff activities, actual company product advertisements from magazines, positive notes from customers, and memory notes from staff make successful gifts. Consider a group photograph in an attractive frame for your boss. You can make the photograph formal or informal, or consider a collage of different staff pictures. A photo album that includes pictures of staff events, product highlights, office happenings, trade show booths, and staff and customer interaction is a particularly winning choice.

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Whether it's tears of joy, or tears of laughter, Personal Headlines delivers the news just as you write it! Either way, it's a great client appreciation or boss' birthday gift idea. There can be two types of personalized birthday gifts for your boss. One is the Sentimental Personalized Boss Gift and the other type is a Funny or Boss’s Birthday Gift.

Gifts baskets are quite artistic in its own way and it is also available in various shops in all kind of ranges. You can give gift baskets containing flowers, cards, chocolates, wine bottle and many sweet little things that will carry a note of honor! Now you can also make some differences in gift depending on whether your boss is a male or a female. Here are some tips for that too! If you have a male boss, nothing could be compared to books if you know his choice, Audio CDs and VCDs are also very precious as gifts, a leather Organizer, A good leather folder would be appropriate to complement his position or even a good branded shirt. Add some special touch with a bouquet of flowers and a real good card.

For female boss, she might like a good coffee mug, a smart looking purse or books. Is she fond of dogs as pets? What about gifting her a small, lovely puppy in a basket? A stylish watch can be a good gift. Any good looking show piece, may be for her home/office and don’t forget a huge bouquet of roses and a decent card.

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Birthday Gifts for your Dad !

Once more I’m back with some cool tips and this time few gift ideas to honor your dad on his birthday. You can try out these birthday gift ideas for your dad and watch him smile as he has never been so happy before. It is said that since GOD couldn’t be in everyplace at every time to help us and guide us in the journey called life, so He created Fathers. We lovingly gave him names like dad, papa, and daddy and now it’s our turn to honor his contributions and give him the best gift by making his birthday way too special.

Fathers are always difficult to shop for as even if he doesn’t like your birthday gift or if the gift is of no use to him, he will never tell you about it and those gifts will land up in his attic box. Musical cd, passport holder and good books have always stood out among the best of gifts for your dad. You can personalize them in your own way to make it more emotive. Games, lap writing desk, electronic gadgets, leather wallet, perfumes and colognes are also some favorite gift items which your dad would love to have with him.

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If you want to go in for some extravagant item, try these out! Innovation Factory IF11000 Ice Dozer Plus by Innovation Factory, Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go Coffeemaker by Cuisinart, Strait-Line 64030 Laser Tape by IRWIN, Viva Italia Gourmet Gift Basket - Italian Pasta and Sauces by Flying Noodle Gourmet, Leather man 74204003 Juice CS4 by Leather man, Logitech io Personal Digital Pen by Logitech and TiVo R24004A 40-Hour Digital Video Recorder by TiVo are some of the excellent and elegant gift items that you can give your dad on his birthday.

Some more gift ideas that you can try out for your dad include luxury whiskey gift hamper, golf bag and pen set, small pocket binoculars, multi meter with spirit level and laser, personalized football books and many more like this. All these birthday products are available in various shops and you can get them in quite affordable price range too.

So these are some of the birthday gift ideas for dad that I have found on the net and if I get anything interesting apart from these, I would surely share them with you all in my blog. Till then, enjoy these and let me know your ideas too.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for Dad !

Hello! So what’s up with you all? Have you enjoyed the birthday tips that I have been posting? I have posted few tips for your mom’s birthday party yesterday…so let me focus on another important person in our life and its needless to say that without the support, affection and the scolding of that gentleman…we wouldn’t have been what we are today. He has the biggest contribution in every child’s life except mom. Yeah…am talking about our dearest daddies. So what are your plans for your dad’s birthday party? Thinking as to how can you make it a bit special with a touch of exception? Then let me provide you with some cool tips on that too.

One of the best birthday party themes for your dad is ‘couch potato.’ Usually unlike the mommies, daddies prefer a more lavish life which is mainly about sitting back and relaxing for hours. Needless to say that Dad’s favorite place in the house is the couch, television remote control within reach, drink by his side, slippers on his feet, and snack in his lap. So therefore a couch potato birthday party will be absolutely homely and relaxing for your dad. Wondering what is it actually? Nothing much you have to do out here. This is not a bad thing, mind you. Dad works really hard Monday to Friday, so on the weekends he just wants to relax.

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On the party day, make your house as comfortable as possible. Keep everything neat and clean and make sure you either hire or get comfortable couches and cushions for a perfect relaxation ambiance. Place the television in a way so that it can be viewed from every corner of your house. Set up a baked potato food station in your kitchen and wrap the baked potatoes in tin foils to keep them warm. On the kitchen table, put butter, sour cream, chives, bacon, shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, baked beans, steamed broccoli, shredded chicken, and sautéed mushrooms. To keep clean up to a minimum, buy heavy-duty paper plates; stack it on the bottom shelf of the cart, along with napkins and plastic forks and knives. Buy plastic glassware and use paper cocktail napkins. Include water, sodas, Corona beer and mixed drinks in the bar. Make the guests sit in the couches created by you and serve them the extra large baked potatoes with those delicious toppings as mentioned above.

You can also throw a surprise party for your dad as surprise parties are all time favorites. Men irrespective of their age can’t do a compromise on one thing and that is Food. Yeah…they love to hog on good food and therefore you ought to do a better job in this area. Prepare all the favorite dishes of your dad and watch him shine away to glory. You can also throw a backyard party in the open air and call over all his friends and acquaintances to have a ball at your place. Don’t make the party too much fussy with loud music and chaotic stuffs. If you want to play some good music do so but avoid the higher volumes. Another charming idea that you can implement in your dad’s birthday is giving your mom and dad a free one-day tour package to any destination of his choice. He would love to have some good time with his wife as he doesn’t get the chance on the weekends.

So gear up yourself to throw a rocking bash on your dad’s birthday and bring a warm smile to his face. Make him feel at his best on this very special day by giving him every single stuff that he misses out on usual days. I’m coming up with more ideas soon…till then u enjoy the ideas here and check out these cute egreetings!

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Birthday Gift Ideas for your Mom !

Hello Guys! I’m sure you liked the ideas that I have posted before and I’m eagerly waiting to have your replies. Did you watch the video? It will give you an idea as to how your mom can feel when you’ll throw a surprise party at her honor and most importantly call up all her dearest buddies to join in. So I’m over with the ideas now and will give you some ideas about gifts for your mom. Have you thought what could enlighten your mom’s birthday other than a good party and lots of food? Yeah…it’s the birthday gift that would buy an everlasting smile on your mom’s face. Pile up your mind with some winning ideas about the birthday gifts for your mom from this post.

Mothers have done a lot for us, so why not thank them in a special way by giving her something, which she can treasure for her entire lives. So pamper your loving mother with some of the best personalized gifts meant only for her. We all share a strong, spiritual bond with our mother and a personalized gift is the best way to honor that bond on this very special day. The only trick involved is to know her choice and gift her things according to her age and convenience. Your gifts can range from jewelry, clothes, accessories, household products or some activities that you can do together with your mom.

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We all know that females love to pamper themselves no matter how much taxing schedule they have to maintain. Looking good is one of the most favorite job that any woman would do happily and even if a bit of her effort is required, she wouldn’t fall back. So why not trim down her effort a bit and give her a pampering kit with all her favorite things that she would love to use. This would surely make her feel more special as she can make use of it to the core and enjoy at the same time. For example, you can have all the creams she uses placed in that kit. You can also place in the kit all the other things she uses in her makeup like the special brand lipsticks she uses or the special brand eye shadows she uses. A relaxing day at a spa gift certificate would also make great birthday gifts for moms.

Some more birthday gifts for your mom might include stuffs like 12 Long Stem Candy Roses in a Vase, Polder Weather Station Clock, Hygrometer, and Thermometer by Polder, Coffee Gift Basket by Target, Anchor Hocking 5-Piece Martini Gift Set by Anchor Hocking, 14K 2 Tone Filigree "Mom" Pendant by Alle Fine Jewelry and lots more like this. These are a bit expensive but you can of course make some savings to make your mom happy. Aren’t satisfied with the ideas? Alright…if I find any more tips, I’ll post them soon. Don’t forget to share your ideas with me too!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for your Mom !

Hello Guys! I’m again back with loads of ideas on birthday parties and this time my post will pay a tribute to those honorable figurines in our lives without whom all of us are incomplete. Yeah…I’m talking about our parents who have given us the best of this world and now it’s our turn to buy a smile to their faces on their birthday. Lets start off with our dearest mommies first. So how many of you are actually close to your mom and how many are close to your dad? Hey! I must confess that I’m more close to my mom and she is no less than my best friend. Have you ever thought of making your mom’s birthday party an extra special? Throw a surprise birthday party and don’t even utter a single word about it in front of your mom before the blast. Involve your close friends into it and avoid the other family members as this will keep the privacy.

Surprise birthday parties are a fantastic ideas and this will leave your mom spellbound will a range of mixed emotions. Choose a party theme of her choice as you must be knowing your mom’s favorite stuffs. Call upon all her friends; arrange for some family videos where you have captured some special moments with your mom, you can also have some good music of your mom’s choice and play them as background music tuning in a lower volume. If your mom is too young, you can have some rock music also depending on her choice and watch her tap her feet along with the beats. Your mom would love to share her sweetest moments with her friends and as soon as you will play them, it will bring a glorifying smile to your mom’s face.

Birthday Hug For Mom ! Reach out with a 'gift of love' to your mom on her Birthday.

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Thinking about what to serve your mom on her birthday? Hey…why don’t you try out something with your own hands on that day….trust me, even if you’re not a good cook, the very smell of that food will do the wonder as the dish cooked by you will have the taste of that unconditional love and affection for your mom. Mothers are like angels, know that? They don’t go in for the external beauties…they cherish the internal beauty that is imbibed in your gift. If you can’t cook the meal, try preparing the birthday cake by yourself as that doesn’t require much of effort, do a proper icing and then decorate it with a sweet note of birthday on top of it. You can also make cookies, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and chocolate pies as these are not so time consuming and also have a sweet flavor to spell a cast on the party mood. If you can cook a meal then include all that your mom loves and also try cooking something that is also loved by her friends as mommies are more concerned about others than themselves. If the guests are happy then no matter how much salt you put in your mom’s food…she will always have a smile in her face!

This is what I thought can make your mom’s birthday party really a thought-provoking one but this is only for a household party. You can also throw a party outside the house. If your mommy if more into adventures and traveling, gift her a package of a one day trip to some nearby place where she would love to land up with her hubby and have the best time of her life. Let her spend that special day of her life with her better-half as the entire year she spends it with you all. You can also take her for a family picnic to a beautiful place with lots of fun activities around that would keep her engaged throughout and forget all the household tensions. Take her to a perfect ride which would make her feel way too special and gift her some golden moments that she would love to cherish forever. It’s your mom’s birthday guys! Wake up and start off with the best of planning…I’m coming up with more ideas on the same and till then you enjoy these ideas. Let me know if you have any ideas too…I would be glad to have them!

Birthday Party Ideas for Sports Lovers - Part 2

So how you liked my previous post? Guess that have served your purpose and trimmed down your confusion a little bit as to how you can make a good arrangement for a sports birthday party. As I have promised, I’m back again with some more winning ideas on birthday parties for sports lovers. This time, I’m going write on some sports themes and activities that would add extra fun to your sports birthday party! Browse through these ideas which will heap you up with some tips that are all the rage for a sports birthday.

If your party is a general sports theme, you can combine baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis to use with these games. If you are focusing on one sport then use the appropriate balls and games. The children will already be in teams designated by their shirts. Each team will participate in the activities and gather points. The players from the winning team will receive a special certificate or ribbon. You may want to consider giving awards for different categories, allowing all players to be winners.

If you want to introduce a modified basketball in your sports birthday party as a birthday theme, shoot hoops with a clean garbage can, or laundry basket (one for each team). Mark and "X" on the ground or floor where the players will stand. Each team will have their own "Hoop" and "X". They try to get as many baskets within a designated period of time as they can by taking turns. Form a line. The first player shoots then goes to the back of the line. The next player shoots and so on.

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Want some ideas about the sports birthday cake types? Here you go! To make a baseball cap birthday cake use a Wilton sphere cake form (craft store) and an 8 inch round pan. Red shoestring licorice will be the stripes and letter. A red M&M will be your button on the top. This cake may not serve enough for your party. So I suggest adding baseball cupcakes to serve as well. Another cake can be a football or soccer cake. Frost a sheet cake with green frosting. Use white decorating frosting to make yard lines. Add football figurines to the top. This can also be adapted to a soccer cake.

The thing about sports themes is that activities naturally follow. If classmates show up in force, prepare for a spirited game of baseball (or Whiffleball might be safer), touch football, or a little 3 on 3 tournament on the hoop in the driveway. With many parties being open houses held outdoors, these kinds of games make perfect sense.

Sports Party Favors consist of stickers, tattoos, candy, mini toys, key chains, loot bags, yo-yos, hats, blowouts, sunglasses, jewelry, flags and more! Sports trivia and sports team party games can be wild at a Sports theme party. Sports Piñatas for Sports plus the piñata filler and the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive with a piñata decoration. You can go in for sports party supplies and for this internet is the best resource. There are a huge amount of sites that supply sports party materials which includes paper plates, table clothes, napkins, invitations, thank you notes, balloons, plastic ware, noise makers, loot bags, toys, inflatable, hats, glow sticks and many more. Choose some feet-tapping music if your guests are music bug too along with a sports lover. A combination of music and sports will just make the party absolutely hip-hopping and a great bash to be cherished for a long time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for Sports Lovers - Part 1

Hello Guys! How was your weekend? And how did you enjoy your birthday party this weekend? Today I’m going to write something for those sports lovers who can make their birthday party all the more exciting with some useful tips. So get geared up with these exciting tips to have an absolutely rocking birthday party!

Most kids love sports. Whether its football, baseball, soccer or basketball, or a combination, kids grow up with an urge to compete, to play and to have fun. Whether they were team captain or a great fan, they love the sport. If you have a sports loving child, it's a good idea to use that sport as a theme for their birthday celebration. If you plan on folks playing a game of basketball, touch football, etc. during the party, let them know to dress appropriately.

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Whether you are shopping for football party invitations, golf invitations or nautical invitations, the theme of the party is usually one of boating or sports. Sports party invitations and nautical invitations can be used to bring on a sporting event or for a celebration honoring a sports lover! Super bowl party invitations are perfect to bring on the biggest game of the year! Whether you are a football fan or not, friends gather together to watch the game in a party atmosphere. Football party invitations are also great for tailgating parties or for any type of football event. Bowling party invitations have become extremely popular as most bowling alleys provide party packages with reserved lanes, food and drinks! Golf invitations are perfect for the golf fanatic and are most commonly used for birthday and retirement parties. And what could be more enjoyable than sending out seafaring invitations for a celebration on the sea!

Send invitations 2-3 weeks before your party date. Purchase matching invitations or make you own with card stick paper. If you are handy with your computer you can make pretend sports cards with your child's picture. Write MVP and his/her name on the front. The "stats" on the back will be the party details. Decorate with primary colors using a lot of balloons and streamers. Add sports figure posters to the door and walls. Before the party, purchase large T-shirts or caps in different colors to represent two or three teams. This will be how the teams are created at party game time. So two or three colors will be needed. As each guest arrives, provide them with their team shirt or cap. These are some tips on birthday parties for the sports lovers which I thought can be of your use. Enjoy these ideas as of now while I do bit study on the topic to present you with few more stunning ideas.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

50th Birthday Party Ideas - Part 2

Hey! I’m back again with my collection of few more tips for your 50th birthday celebration. I wrote on some exquisite themes which will go well with your 50th birthday party in my last post after checking out the same in the internet. So, this time let me give you some ideas on party activities that would keep your attention fixed till the end. 50th party doesn’t mean it has to be something as boring as relaxing in your cozy sofa and having some gossips. You can always perk up the birthday mood by adding some fun content to it. This is your golden milestone and therefore you ought to include something exclusive in order to make it an everlasting happy memory. Have a look at these ideas and see how you can actually make your 50th birthday party a real blockbuster…something that will be cherished forever!

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For the person looking for a good 50th birthday party idea..... Have all of the guests dress in black and then be sure that the guest of honor dresses in white (or vice versa - guests in white and guest of honor in black) - either way it makes for a fun evening - the guest of honor is immediately recognizable and the pictures look great! Another rocking idea is a heart-warming hat-themed party. For this party guests are asked to 'put on their thinking caps' and bring a hat that represents some part of their relationship with the person whose birthday it is. They might have hats in their closets that would serve this purpose (a cap from the school they both attended, or their mutual favorite sports team), or they may find themselves having to decorate or build their own hats, with symbols that represent their relationship or memories with the Birthday boomer. Though this party requires some investigative/creative work from the guests ahead of time, their efforts will be rewarded by the birthday person’s appreciation as he/she walks through the party looking at what guests have thought up.

Dance the night away with life long friends and family featuring music from the good old days! Combine the 50th birthday with a fun party theme like Luau, Western, or Mardi Gras. Placing old photos of friends on big posters brings back memories and stories of the good old days. Dominoes are a wonderful game idea for the 50th birthday party. As the players (boys and girls) enter the hall, they are given dominoes cut out of cardboard. They pin it to their clothes. There are 2 complete sets of these cards (28 pieces in each set). The cards of one set are given to the girls; the cards of the other set are given to the boys. If there are more than 56 persons at the party you may take 2,4, 6, 8…more numbers of the complete sets. Before the dance begins the players at the leader's signal make pairs according to the principle of dominoes. C.f. the boy with the card 5-2 may ask to a dance a girl with the card 2-6; 2-4; 2-3; 2-0 or 5-6; 5-4; 5-3; 5-1; 5-0. Sometimes the leader may announce the change of the partners. (In this case the leader gives advance notice to the guests about his/her intentions while they are dancing). Then all the pairs change, make the pairs according to the same principle. Not enough, right? Alright…if I find any more ideas, I’ll surely post them soon.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

50th Birthday Party Ideas - Part 1

Hello Guys! Are any of you thinking of celebrating your 50th birthday party this weekend? If this is so…then this post of mine would ease your efforts to an extent as today I feel like writing on the 50th birthday party celebration ideas. So get started with these tips and throw a big bash, celebrating your golden era. The fiftieth birthday is a big one- half a century, a real landmark. Instead of moping about how old you’re getting, why not celebrate?

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Have a "Genuine Antique Person" party. Although it is still more of a jest at 50, it is original and has many possibilities for decorating. If you try for an aged country theme you can simulate the air of antiquity fairly cheaply. Fill small metal pails with flowers for centerpieces. You can buy small wooden wheelbarrows in craft stores to paint and scatter in the function room for decoration. Use candles generously. Scour yard sales and flea markets for "antiques" - wooden wheels, hurricane lamps, weather vanes, let your imagination go. Renaissance Foil has an antiquing product that you can apply to many surfaces, creating aged-looking pails, bowls and candlesticks, which you can find at craft stores. Place squares of dusty blue, green, and red (the shades that are common in "country" decorating) fabric and permanent markers at each table for people to sign and make an "antique person" wishes quilt. Make chocolates for favors using country molds.

A fiftieth birthday makes a perfect occasion for a destination party. If you want to celebrate your birthday at the beach, but you live in the Midwest, get some cheap tickets for your family and fly to the coast. If skiing is your thing, let everyone know they’ll be heading to the mountains.

Another rocking party idea is a Wish-Ida trip to Europe. Your party theme can be European travel. Request guests to bring books on travel, travel gear and luggage. Plan a French menu and decorate with travel brochures! Start thinking about a real getaway. Apart from the Wish-Ida trip there are other stuffs also that a Wish-Ida party theme enjoy, like Wish-Ida finished your degree theme. Here, Gifts can be school related items... schedule planners, books, pen and pencils, briefcase and books. Decorations can create a campus effect with pom-poms and college banners. The local college class schedule for the upcoming semester and admissions booklets may turn this Wish-Ida party into a graduation party in a few hours! Enjoy these hip-hopping ideas on 50th birthday party celebrations and soon I’ll be coming up with few more ideas in addition to this.

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Zodiac Birthday - Cancer !

Hey Guys! Hope you enjoyed my last post on Gemini Birthdays. So now its time for the fourth zodiac in the planet, that is, Cancer! The zodiac sign for Cancer is a crab. Cancer is occupied by the Sun from June 21 to July 22. Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and associated with family and domesticity. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a kind, emotional, romantic, imaginative, sympathetic, nurturing, and intuitive character, but one which is also prone to changeability, moodiness, hypersensitivity, depression, and clinginess. In terms of anatomy, Cancer is said to rule the breasts, epigastria region, elbows, stomach, digestive organs, upper lobe of the liver, thoracic duct, pancreas, blood serum, and the womb.

If you are a Cancer, you share your birthday with Prince William, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Dalai Lama, Liv Tyler, Pamela Lee Anderson, Richard Lewis, Sylvester Stallone, Ginger Rogers, Harrison Ford and Robin Williams. The birthstones are pearl and moonstone, colors for Cancer are Silver, White and Sea Green, numbers are two, three and seven and the zodiac element is water. A cozy get together with family members and friends, sharing meals and stories is the kind of celebration that is admired by the vulnerable cancerians. A soothing gift that provides comfort is the most accepted gift among Cancerians like a trip to a day spa would make them feel happy.

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Hiking in the Grand Teton or rafting down the Colorado are the two ideal group activities. When running rapids, however, Cancerians will never get past a Class 3 level (moderately difficult), shying away as they do from risky activities. Even so, most water sports are high on their list: Boating, surfing and deep-sea diving are all pleasurable for aquatic Crabs. Everything on the Cancerian's agenda is likely to have been decided upon beforehand ...these folks are not exactly spontaneous. These are some of the activities highly enjoyed by the Cancerians.

A gourmet cooking always appeals to Cancerians. They want traditional food probably love a plate of rajmah-chawal (red beans with rice) to Mexican or Korean food. Russian food is also liked a lot by the Cancerians. Favored food for Cancerians would be all fruits and vegetables with very high water content such as cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, turnip, lettuce, mushrooms etc. Drink plenty of water. Avoid Pastries and Cakes. A fish diet is recommended. Blue Lagoon - a cool yet refreshing blend of vodka, De Kuyper Blue Curacao topped up with lemonade are an all time favorite for the Cancerians. So these are some of the coolest tip you can consider before throwing a birthday party to a Cancerian. Coming up soon with lots more ideas on the rest of the zodiacs!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Zodiac Birthday - Gemini !

Hey guys! So what’s up with you all…hope my posts are keeping you entertained as you are peeping into my blog. After Aries and Taurus, its time for Gemini and so this post of mine will focus on some birthday ideas for this third sign of zodiac. This is the third sign of the Zodiac and associated with youth and versatility. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a sociable, fun-loving, versatile, lively, communicative, liberal, mentally active and friendly character but one which is also prone to moodiness, inconsistency, superficiality, restlessness and laziness. In terms of anatomy, Gemini is said to rule the shoulders, upper arms, nerve fibers, lungs, thymus gland, trachea and bronchi, structural features of the clavicle, scapula, and humerus. The birthstones for Gemini are Agate and Alexandrite; the colors are Yellow, Red and White, lucky numbers are two and nine; the gemstones are Emerald, Alexandrite, Beryl and Pearl and the lucky day is Tuesday.

If you are a Gemini, you share your birthdays with H.R.H. Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Bob Hope, John F Kennedy, Walt Whitman, Al Jolson, Bob Dylan, Thomas Hardy, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Stravinsky, Confucius, Kirk Kerkorian and Paul McCartney. A cool tip for Gemini to have fun on their birthday is he or she knows how to talk up a party and make it sound like the Second Coming of Woodstock. The clowning happens, unfortunately, when he or she don't show up because you had a "previous engagement."

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The choice of gifts that would make Gemini happy is quite wide. They would gladly accept a good book, a pocket calculator, a set of pens, a computer, a car... Especially they would be appreciative of the gift if it broadens their horizons. Therefore, subscription to their favorite magazine or a ticket to even a two-three days long vacation, or cable TV unit, or even the latest and greatest model of a cell phone would be an excellent gift. If you decided to make Gemini happy, bring them several small gifts but each packaged differently - let them have a good time.

Gemini's is a not too fussy eater on holidays at least. Fast food - burgers, pizzas coke diet would do for them. The talk is as important as the drink at the places Gemini frequents. No lonely dive bars for the Twin -- he or she needs social and mental stimulation. Add a cool, refreshing beverage like a white wine spritzer (wine and club soda over ice) or a melon martini and all will be well in Gemini's world. Summer wine tastings and drink sampler nights appeal to the Twin's curiosity as well. Just make sure he or she has a designated driver for the ride home. So these are some of the cool ideas and traits for Gemini. I’ll be coming up soon with some more ideas on the next zodiac.

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Birthday Gifts For Aries

Aries natives like being out front, the 'first in the neighborhood' so to speak. Find a gift that caters to their natural want for adventure.

Adventure sports can be a good bet, even sports they haven't taken up yet. Ju jitsu? Diving? Wakeboarding? There's no telling what they may decide to be first and best-at.

Entertainment? Make it a new club or dinner at a restaurant in town. Some place they can boast about going to first. If you're treating an Aries to a weekend away, going to a resort where they can 'lead the way' should work well. Take your Aries to a place where there's room to move and room to lead, especially some place where nobody in your circles of friends has gone yet.

If you're planning a home weekend, a gift video can work if it appeals to your Aries' knighthood. This may encompass anything from action and adventure to love and romance.

Make your Aries feel special, right down to the shimmery wrapping a present comes in. The ram loves gettting gifts, and even moreso if it shines.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Zodiac Birthday - Taurus !

So here I’m again with the zodiac birthday and this time my post will feature on the water sun Taurus. Taurus leads from April 21 – May 21. The ruling planet is Venus, birthstone is Emerald and Diamond and the element is Earth. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and associated with material pleasure. Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a calm, patient, reliable, loyal, affectionate, sensuous, ambitious, and determined character, but one which is also prone to hedonism, laziness, inflexibility, jealousy, and antipathy. In terms of anatomy, Taurus is said to rule the vocal chords, tonsils, palate, throat, neck, ears, and lower jaw.

Taureans are pretty chilled out people, but when they get an idea into their heads, it can be pretty difficult to shift it. However they are loyal friends and incredibly sensitive to others' feelings - it won't be your Taurean mate who forgets your birthday, so make sure you treat them on theirs. They are self-indulgent so our 13 Bath Melts kit is ideal for some essential pampering. The Beige Felt Basket is also perfect - The combination of the natural color with a relaxed look is something Taurean girls will love. Or the Tea and Cakes Biscuit Tin is perfect for these home-loving girls.

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If you are a Taurian, you share your birthday with Penelope Cruz (April 28) and Renee Zellweger (April 25). Taurus has a sweet tooth, so marshmallows, cinnamon and nutmeg are all winners. Earth Signs like practical food; too, so hearty dishes with flavors like parsley and mint are a good thing. The Bull will want to savor a meal full of fine flavors, so never take one out for fast food! Cappuccino, Carrot Parsley Salad Acorn Squash and Pasta Soup, Sweet Potato Soufflé, Spinach and Feta Turnovers Baked Ditalini with Three Cheeses Salmon and Pasta Picatta, S'more Cookies Mexican Hot Chocolate as desserts are some of the favorite dishes Taurians love to hog on.

Just a beer, please, and a classic brand like Budweiser, Miller or Sam Adams is best for the habit-prone Bull. Good European beer marketed in America, like Beck's or Heineken will also satisfy. Ballpark beer is even better -- because it comes with a hot dog! For more refined Taurean moods, drinks with sweetness, like a fruity Daiquiri, or with a touch of dairy, such as a Pina Colada, Pink Lady or Mudslide, will quench this sign's thirst. The cool factor of a Taurian in a party is being the first one to roll up your sleeves to make sure the party gets set up nicely. The clown moment is when they hover around the snack table, even double dipping your chips, as if it were their private dining area. Numbers that reduce down to the number 6 which are 15, 24, 33, 42 and so forth are the lucky numbers for Taurus. By adding the double digit number together, 1+5 the answer equals the number six.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Zodiac Birthday - Aries !

Hello Guys! Here I’m with some ideas again and this time something greatly related to your area of interest. Each one of us are always eager to know what’s there in our stars and what this birthday would bring to us every time we climb a stair of life. And in this post, I’ll be writing on Aries birthday. So this post is for all the Aries dudes and damsels or for those who have the birthday of their favorite Aries buddy coming up in few days. Know what the stars have got to say about this fire sign of zodiac and also what kinds of stuffs attract their attention.

As most of you must be knowing, that Aries is the first sign of zodiac and the first and foremost important facts about Aries are: the ruling planet of Aries is Mars, element is fire, the color is red and the birthstone is diamond. The Aries individual is adventurous, energetic, pioneering and courageous. Aries are enthusiastic with a confident personality. Arian personalities are dynamic, quick-witted, selfish, and quick-tempered. Aries are impulsive, impatient, foolhardy, daredevil, assertive, urgent, bossy, forthright and selfish. The Sun in Aries describes a basic personality of individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. The will to succeed is strong with an original self-starter. If you are an Aries, you belong to the category of rams and you share your birthday with celebrities like Vincent Van Gogh, Elton John, Charlie Chaplin and Francis Ford Coppola.

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People born under the sign of Aries crave spontaneity, so keep party plans loose. They also like to be the one making the decisions, so get them involved in the important ones: who to invite, where to go, what to eat and the gifts to buy them. Aries happily accept challenges and they would love to be presented with gifts like sky diving lessons and others. The Galaxy Slouch Bag with its metallic hue will be appreciated by these fiery ladies, plus of course it will appeal to their fashion sense. They'll love to have a good old chinwag over a cup of Friendship Tea, or how about the Miss Brazil Mirror Compact to get them going in the morning! Aries key ring, birthday glass paperweight, riedel sake set and star finder are also quite eminent as birthday gifts for the fire sign.

Aries will try the latest concoction before you can say Captain Morgan and club soda. Male or female, Aries tends to like manly drinks like Jack Daniels and Coke or scotch on the rocks. The bold ladies always favored the vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice of the Cosmopolitan. Aries rules the head and face. The glands that Aries rules are the subrenals. Foods rich in this mineral and therefore beneficial for Arians to include in their diet are: tomatoes, beans, brown rice, lentils, walnuts, olives, onions, lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, figs, bananas, dried uncooked apricots, pumpkin. A healthy diet should also include milk, which is good for teeth and bones. Aries likes variety -- so serve a bunch of appetizers. Fire Signs want their food to be hot and spicy. The Ram hates bland things and likes to spice up their meals with basil, cinnamon and curry. When cooking for an Aries, remember: the redder, the better! A triple shot of espresso, appetizers like Curry Mango Dip Bleu Cheese Bruschetta Mediterranean Spread with Pita Steamed Clams with Vidalia Onions and Tomatoes Pesto Crostinis and as desserts baked apples carrot cake is an all time favorite for Aries.

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Sobriety Birthday !

Hey Guys! You must have heard about the statement ‘foul is fair and fair is foul’ by our greatest William Shakespeare. Yea…I’ll be emphasizing this statement now. Sobriety Birthday! To me, sobriety birthday is the rebirth of a new life or may be a resurrection of a distorted life…a life which has consumed a harmful slow poison called alcohol and now is on all set for a fresh new life without the tinge of alcohol. I know it’s a tedious and challenging journey from alcoholism to non-alcoholism but trust me…once you will reach the path, the gainer will be you and only you. Its takes a lot to complete this journey but the reward compensates all your struggles as it bestows you a new, fresh and peaceful life.

Have you ever thought as to how your friends or surrounding people feels when you get sloshed and start off with world’s most loathsome activities? Have you ever thought how much embarrassed you would have made your buddies or with whoever who has accompanied you by committing all those gross acts? You didn’t have the mind to think at that time as you were too much busy enjoying the heavenly feeling of your drink. Alcohol becomes your best friend while in depression, stress and also at your success. You think as if there can be no celebration without a toast! It starts off with a toast and then reaches to the infinite number of pegs unless you get absolutely drained out to even stand on your feet. You can’t call this an enjoyment as this creates a panic-stricken hazard for the others members who join your happiness.

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A sobriety birthday is a concept keeping in mind the thought of your addiction. Sober Recovery lists hundreds of addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment resources in the U.S., Canada, and Overseas. Prescription pill detox, Rapid opiate detox clinics using Suboxone and Subutex, medically-managed detoxification, and help and information for heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and crystal meth treatment programs. A sobriety birthday party is thrown usually by the person who has either got out of the drinking habit or is fighting against it. It is celebrated to pay a tribute to those great hearts who have helped the person to get out of this harmful habit. Sobriety is solemn or dignified personal behavior, in particular moderation or abstinence with regard to typically the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs. In neuro-linguistic programming, sobriety is the state of not acting out in an addiction. Drug addicts often say they are sober when they are willing to stop performing in personal upshot addictive behavior on a daily basis.

You can enjoy the party by throwing a fantastic ball calling up all those who have helped you out in getting rid of it, your closed ones and all those stuffs that have pulled you out of the destructive habit of drug addiction. You can make it a big bash and if you prefer to keep it a bit private, you have all the options in having a party at your home itself. There are some medallions which are a wonderful and inspiring sobriety birthday gift. These include Veterans Medallion, AA Bronze Medallion, NA Medallions, Eternal Friendship Medallions, African American Medallions, Serenity Prayer Butterfly Rainbow Medallion, Guardian Angel Rainbow Medallion, Healing Spirit Rainbow Medallion and many more like this. Medallions are really exquisite and charming sobriety birthday gift items that make the person elated with joy and cherish the happiness forever.

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The celebration of your sobriety birthday reaches to the acme of happiness and joy when you get the overwhelming kiss and a warm hug from your closed ones who have encouraged and inspired you in getting rid of addiction. More than any expensive or materialistic gift, this affectionate touch of your closed ones work a ton more in inspiring you to the path of a better health. I guess I have covered all the necessary attributes of a sobriety birthday and hopefully this would serve your purpose with ease.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

21st Birthday Part Ideas - Part 2 !

Hello Guys! So how was your weekend? Mine was great…had tons of fun with my pals and now again I’m back to blogging, my favorite hobby ever. I have posted a few guidelines for 21st birthday party ideas and today I’ll give a finishing touch to it. So here I am with few more hip-hopping ideas and this time on food, drinks, music and other fun activities for the 21 year-old boomers.

A Coming-Of-Age Mocktail ! A well animated wish for someone special who has just turned 21.

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  • Sophisticated and fun party food – ideally, spiked with alcohol – is just right for this important milestone. And no, we’re not talking about gelatin shots. For a non-alcoholic twist on this theme, serve soup in shot glasses and dips or nuts in martini glasses. Long island iced tea is all the rage among this group of rocking adults. Mix together alcohol and sour mix in a pitcher. Pour into glasses. Add a splash of cola to each, and garnish with lemon wedge. For non-alcoholics, you can opt for root beer and Shirley Temples. Nachos served in miniature sombreros and salsas are great to have on each table. You can also include peppers stuffed with dipping sauce for veggies.
  • Some more food recipes for 21st birthday party are Chicken Enchilada, Barbie shrimp, Peppered Ice Wine Chicken, Mozzarella Tuna fish melts, Provincial Chicken Casserole, Onion Pepper Steak, Asian Honey BBQ Chicken Drummettes and a Little Lime Cheesecake. Guys and gals of this age usually love to get sloshed with drinks such as Blue Lagoon, Vodka Sazerac, Tropical Cocktail, Forest Ranger, Twisted Brandy, Hawaiian Delight and Vermont Lemonade.
  • Some feet-tapping music that would make your 21st year old kids hog on the tune are birthday by The Sugarcubes, In Da La Club by 50 Cent, Happy Birthday by Steve Wonder, Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker, Rock Lobster by The B-52’s, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer by George Thorogood, Rock this Town by Stray Cats and Tub Thumping by Chumbawamba.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Part 1 !

21st birthday marks the greatest difference in everyone’s lives…they step into a new world of adulthood and get the license to freak out as per their wish. It’s absolutely different from other birthday milestones as this is one of the most rocking ages which make the 21st adult of 21st century take life for a cool ride. Allow your 21st year old haughty guy or gal to have their own share of fun at their birthday party in their own way. This is an age when the parents do not really need to make any arrangements and if needed, do so with your child’s consent. Kids at this age usually prefer having a bash outside home so that they can enjoy their own privacy without any hesitation.

Happy 21st Birthday ! An interactive ecard for your son/ daughter/ friend/ loved one on his/ her special day.

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If you are given a choice to throw a party at home by your 21st year old child…here are few tips that you can follow which would rightly set the mood of the birthday party:

  • Few good games and activities that would keep your 21st year-old and his or her buddies’ attention fixed include fuzzy duck, celebrity couples, la-di-dah, musical men, Ben Dover, think while you drink, give me names, newspaper games, Roxanne, life saver, Charades, camera game, barstool game, shoe scramble, stand up and shout, Grand Old Duke of York, drinking rules, fizz buzz, head butt, panic word and pass the ice.
  • Whether you throw a costume party or not, the birthday person should be decked out for maximum attention and if you choose, you will have maximum embarrassment. Before the party, buy helium birthday balloons so you can tie them to the birthday person’s wrist. The birthday person is instantly center of attention, and you don’t run the risk of losing them in a crowd. To get the whole party involved, throw a toga party. All you need are white sheets and green wreaths to wear in your hair and a big group of people to chant “Toga! Toga! Toga!”
  • If you go with the toga party theme, a fashion show and costume contest are in order. Award prizes for most elaborate, skimpiest and most authentic togas. Organize a tipsy Olympics with alcohol-fueled games like dizzy bats or a series of drinking games. Going out? Pub crawls introduce the birthday person to some great new hangouts and help them get used to flashing their ID.

Your Own ID ! A fun wish for your child/ sibling/ dear one on his/ her 21st Birthday.

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This is the birthday everybody looks forward to…and some can barely remember afterwards. Celebrate your independence with these great tips for a 21st birthday party.