Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Love Compatibility for Capricorns

Hi Folks! How's it going? If your birthday is sometimes within the range of Dec 22nd and Jan 20th, you're a native of Capricorn. You have many Earthy qualities but, alongside those you also behave in a very capricious manner at times.

It's due to my keen interest on astrology that I sometimes browse for the astrology sites during my leisure. When the love is in the air with the most romantic events like Whisper 'I Love You' day and Valentine's Day
just around the corner, I am really interested to talk something about the love compatibility of Capricornians.

  • CAPRICORN with ARIES: Capricorn and Aries are both far too independent to get along for a long span of . Although there's a mutual respect and attraction towards each other, occasional arguments will create a wall between you and make this union a flop show.
  • CAPRICORN with TAURUS: This is a match made in the heaven as you both have the same respect for each other and regard for quality as well as money. This union is undoubtedly a long lasting alliance.
  • CAPRICORN with GEMINI: This is going to be a flop show again because to you, Gemini's are irresponsible and unworthy of your dedication. So, forget it! Gemini's are not made for you.
  • CAPRICORN with CANCER: Being polar opposites to a Cancerian you'll do quite well together. You give each other exactly what's needed in life -- security, loyalty and trust.
  • CAPRICORN with LEO: Leo -- the extravagant Lion will not impress you because you do not like flamboyant and wasteful characters. Better not to fall in love with a native of Leo, since this alliance is going to be wonderful as a one night stand.
  • CAPRICORN with VIRGO: - Capricorn and Virgo is a wonderful mental connection, nevertheless not the most sexually oriented combination.
  • CAPRICORN with LIBRA: - Sophisticated Librans will really attract you. But on the other hand you will also be tired of the lazy Libran's ways of leading life.
  • CAPRICORN with SCORPIO: - This is again a good combination. You both understand each other perfectly and appreciate the values for one another. You can be superb together when it comes to a more intimate relationship.
  • CAPRICORN with SAGITTARIUS: - You are far too different in your likings and disliking from that of a Sagittarius subject. The adventurous Sagittarian will find you boring due to your over-cautious and self-righteous nature.
  • CAPRICORN with CAPRICORN: - Not very good as a long lasting kinship! Both of you being too cautious, frugal and self-righteous this alliance lacks stimulation and hence can cease to last for long. This kinship is a dead end in the bed. So, this is kind of a one night stand and is going to be a flop show again.
  • CAPRICORN with AQUARIUS: - An Aquarian's very carefree nature will make you to shy away, although you would really appreciate the Water-bearer's mind and nature.
  • CAPRICORN with PISCES: - Although a fair alliance but not a match made in heaven! The Pisces' capability to please you will attract you. This is a good alliance, yet this may encounter problems and chaos only when you'll neglect the Pisces' natural demand for attention.

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