Friday, July 13, 2007

Friendship Day Birthday Menu

Friendship Day(August 5) fun can double with a birthday celebration. If you or any of your dear ones are celebrating their birthday, make sure to arrange for some mouthwatering recipes that would be perfect for this special day. While many of us prefer to dine out these days, it is more fun when you prepare home cooked food.

Let me tell you about some popular food items for a Friendship Day birthday. We all love tasty fast food. The same goes for your friends. Make arrangement for mouthwatering hot dogs, which are very popular food for any occasion. You can prepare barbecued hot dogs, hot dog casserole with beans, sweet and sour hot dogs, hot dogs with cabbage, hot dogs with chili sauce, hot dogs and corn casserole, crockpot chili dogs, hot dog and bacon roll-ups, corn dogs, skillet beans with smoked sausage, and many others. When it comes to hot dogs, you can invent recipes and condiments which you prefer, so there are lot of scopes for experiment.

Other popular recipes include cottage cheese sizzlers, croissants, baked macaroni, semolina cookies, spicy lamb cutlets, vermicelli pudding, chocolate mint ice, vanilla cake, pecan cookies, ice-creams and desserts, seafood, soups and stews, chips and dips, muffins, candies, pies, salads, meatloafs, grilled chicken, BBQ sandwich, barbecued lamb, grilled salmon, spicy chicken wings, and the list just goes on. If you or your loved ones are celebrating a Friendship Day birthday, make sure to include lot of these food items, for an exhilarating evening with friends!

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