Thursday, July 5, 2007

Enjoy Birthday With Coffee Week

Hi guys! It's coffee week from July22nd-28th. It means you can indulge in your favorite coffee whenever and wherever you want. If your or your loved one's birthday falls on this coffee week, make sure to chat for long hours over steaming cups of coffee or cold coffee, whichever you love the most.
Coffee is grown around the world and comes in different varieties. Around two-thirds of the world's coffee comes from the Americas. Also, Arabia, India, Africa, West Indies, Java and Sumatra produces considerable amount of coffee, and each has its unique taste. Every country makes and drinks coffee according to their own taste.
Today we have hundreds of coffee types available which are very popular among coffee lovers--Cappuccino, Black coffee, Caffe latte, Irish coffee, Cafe Breva, Americano, Café Frappé, Café Mocha, Espresso, Latteccino, Schlagobers, and many others! Coffee brings instant energy and mental stimulation, so go ahead and indulge in your chosen flavor with friends and dear ones on a birthday event. Spice up your spirit with that energizing cuppa!

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