Thursday, April 5, 2007

18th Birthday Party Ideas - Part 1

Are any of you having a plan of celebrating your 18th birthday this weekend? I’m sure some of you do have. This is one of the most remarkable milestone birthdays we celebrate in our life as this is thought to the age marking legal adult! Wow! That sounds so exciting, no? Nonetheless we youngsters hardly wait for our 18th birthday to gain our adulthood these days, as we seem to attain them long before that only. But this is an official mark altogether. I had a memorable 18th birthday 6 years back and still now when I browse through my album I seem to tap my feet at the very recalling of the rock n roll party we all had on my party. I guess, that was my best organized party ever. I had such a huge bash that it somehow became a talk of the town and even now whenever we friends have a gathering, we talk about that party and have a good laugh. That’s why I just thought of sharing few ideas as to how you can make your 18th birthday a remarkable one today.

While the chances of these 18th birthday teens wanting a party are slim, you could still make a nice gesture by taking them out to eat or making a favorite home cooked meal and allowing their guests over. Another option is giving them access to your credit card (if they can be trusted and a limit set). Send them off to the mall and let them do what they want. At this age, an 18th birthday party will really be up to them, so be sure to ask what they want for their birthday! Let your birthday teen have a ball in their own way. At this age, they are likely to have a private party rather than something that would involve lot of guest. And if you desire to throw a party at your place, make sure to consult your birthday teen in whatever arrangements you make as my mom did when I celebrated my 18th birthday. You know, everything in the party was arranged according to my wish and since I know my friends all too well, I included those stuffs that would entertain them throughout.

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If your child doesn’t want to go in for any big bash, avoid the idea! Instead call over her friends and bring in some fun videos or movies along with some feet-tapping songs. If your birthday teen is a male, you don’t need to think as boys prefer going out and have a party. 18th birthday marks a difference also because some of us leave our house and opt for a separate livelihood and that is why we prefer making it a memorable one both for us and our parents.

You can also arrange a combined party for your birthday teen. As 18th birthday is synonymous with graduating from high school, so why not dress in the graduation robes for the party? You can decorate your party hall with black, white and red the color combination of your graduation uniform and hat. Apart from this, if you opt for an outside party there are loads of options. Beach parties, night out at a local club, long drives, taking your friends to a music concert of your favorite rock star if he is in town and also casino parties are a wonderful way of celebration that would be cherished by all for some years. I know this is not enough but don’t worry, I’m coming up with more ideas on how to make your 18th birthday a memorable one soon.

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