Saturday, April 7, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for your Dog - Part 2

Well, as I have promised in my last post about writing on few more tips for your dog’s birthday party, here I am to do the same! Thanks to all my friends who found my ideas apt for a tryout and it’s a pleasure to have your respected views shared out here. You can do so much in your puppy’s birthday party to make him or her feel all the more special. We all love our pets and this is the time when we can really do something exceptional to make the occasion memorable for both us and our little pets. Pets are like little babies, you can make out when they are happy by their lingering smile but you will hardly know their disappointment unlike the elders, as they cannot usually express themselves while in grief.

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How about having a back-yard barbecue? The perfect casual get-together for family, friends, and neighbors as well as doggie guests. Your backyard is a perfect space for organizing races and other games and activities for your 4-legged guest. Be creative in the kitchen; make your own doggie treats. Even treat your doggie guests to an extra-special dinner with their own grilled boneless steaks! Of course, a birthday cake is an absolute must and you can make the cake yourself or order one online. Styles can range from simple slab cakes to a highly decorated one. Have a theme dog party and decorate the back-yard to suit. Your doggie guest won’t even notice but your friends will.

Check with the other doggy guests' owners, to make sure you know what their normal food intake is, so that you know how much food to have available. You don't want to starve your guests but you also don't want to make them unwell!

Make sure that you have separate tables for the food. One with the delicious array of doggie treats, that are clearly labeled, to ensure that people don’t accidentally bite into a dog treat….plus another table set for your people food. Make sure all of your people food, particularly onions and chocolate, is out of reach of all your doggy guests. With all the excitement, expect accidents, keep bitter spray on hand to dissuade younger canine guests from nibbling where they're not supposed to and stock up on cleanup materials (baggies, cleaning spray, and paper towels). These are all that I know about a dog’s birthday party and if I come across any more innovative ideas, I would surely share them with you.

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