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Birthday Party Themes - Part 2

Hello Guys! On the first hand let me ask you how was your weekend party? Mine was great as I attended a friend’s birthday party and had endless fun over there. Since it was 1st April, we played few pranks on the birthday girl…she was absolutely zapped at it as she didn’t expect us not to spare her on her birthday even. But such is life! Since it was an adult birthday, therefore we had a somewhat private party in our own way. We didn’t do much of fun activities though, yet had loads of entertainment by refreshing our golden memories of school days and also watched few videos after having a dance. Food was fantastic as it was a combination of Mexican and Thai cuisine along with some mouth-watering desserts. So this was my weekend party and I would be glad to know how you guys enjoyed your party as well. Last time I posted a few tips on birthday party themes and today since I’m still in the rock n roll mood of birthday parties, I’m going to post a few more tips on birthday themes again.

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Here are a few themes which you can try out on your birthday party:

  • Disney Princess Birthday Party: For home-made invitations, use pink card stock paper cut in a Tiara shape. Or, roll your paper in a scroll and tie with a thin satin ribbon. "The King wishes your presence at the Royal Birthday Celebration of Princess ______!" A sprinkle of glitter in the card or envelope adds flare. Attach a princess sticker to the envelope or outside of the scroll. The princess colors of choice are pink, lavender, yellow and white. Cover the table with your table cloth. Sprinkle sequins or pink candies on the top of the table. Place balloons anywhere that strikes your fancy. Hang Disney posters on the wall and door. Drape the Birthday Girl's Chair with fabric and tie a ribbon around it. Some of the games and activities that are all the rage for a Disney princess birthday party theme include princess face painting, Cinderella’s glass sleeper, Snow White's Poison Apple, Dance – Freeze, Princess Puzzler and many more. You can also introduce few crafts for this party such as Make a Princess Frame, make your own Tiara and Royal Princess Clay.
  • Dinosaur Birthday Party: Purchase matching dinosaur party invitations, or make your own with cardstock paper, stickers etc. Using pre-cut dinosaur shapes from a teaching supply or craft store will make the job even easier. If hand delivery is possible, fold a small paper invitation and place it into a plastic egg with some rock candy. Don't be extinct! Come to ______'s dino-mite dinosaur birthday party! Include the party details and a suggestion to wear play clothes. Cover the party table with a white sheet and paper dinosaur foot prints. Scatter the table top with rock candy and dinosaur fruit snacks. Make a simple centerpiece by tying a bouquet of helium balloons to a large plastic or plush dinosaur. Tape dinosaur footprints on the walls and floor. Create a jungle effect by hanging strips of green streamers in varying lengths from the ceiling. Place plastic and plush dinosaurs throughout the party area. You can introduce some Dinosaur birthday party games and activities such as Face Painting, Pin the Horn on the Triceratops, Ring Toss with Dinosaurs, Dig Time and Bowling Bones. This very active party doesn't have much time for a meal. Quick snacks during games and play time are fine: Pretzels, popcorn, fruit and sandwiches cut with a bone or dinosaur shaped cookie cutter.
  • Three Little Pigs Birthday Party: Make cut-out wolf paw-prints to lead the way up your walkway for the wolf to knock on your door. Make a three pigs and wolf 'wreath' for the door by using construction paper and curling ribbon on a stretched out hanger. Add pink accordion tissue balls turned into pigs with construction paper ears, eyes, snoots and curling ribbon tails. These can also be used to hang over the party table with a construction paper wolf in the center. Make straw, stick and brick construction paper houses for other areas. Use a felt cut-out set of the story's characters to use on a birthday banner or make your own. Make paper pig chains to hang around. Make a pink pig cake from a round cake or make a three little pig’s scene on a sheet cake as the birthday cake. You can involve games and activities such as Pin-the-tail on the pig, Catch the greased pig, construct a house, who’s Afraid of the Wolf and Mock Trial.
  • Halloween Birthday Party: Choose any haunted house for the party. Decorate the party area with Black balloons and black crepe paper. Any Halloween decorations you may have. "Specimen Jars" can be anything that has the potential of looking yucky. Soak off labels and make new ones with what they would be in your "lab." Add a baby food jar containing fingers, shredded red cabbage or sour kraut, brains, hard boil eggs, crack shells and soak in tea, peel and eyes and place the jar on the table. Make an operating table with 1 plastic skeleton apart at the waist, 1 plastic tablecloth, boiled and oiled spaghetti. Lay skeleton on table and cover with cloth, except head. Slit area over stomach. Place pan of spaghetti for guts. In heart area you can place something that moves. I used a jumping spider (the kind on a air tube), turned upside down. The flipper on the bottom would jump when we squeezed the puffer. Decorate the outside of the haunted house with tombstones. These can be made from old plywood and spray painted black and silver. Paint in the words. Mystery boxes and Halloween crafts are two activities which you can have in your Halloween birthday party.

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