Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Over the Hill Birthday Gifts for Women !

Hello Guys! What’s up at your end? I’m fine and rocking as usual. Don’t you think my Over the Hill birthday post looks incomplete? I mean something is absent…yeah! I too feel so and that’s why today I’m going to give it a finishing touch with some Over the Hill birthday gift ideas for women. Have a look at what women adore at this birthday milestone!

You can choose from these items for the Over the Hill birthday of your loving mom, granny, aunt or any female close to you: Over the Hill Gag Gifts Basket, Hot Flash Survival Kit, Over the Hill Survival Gift Bag, Celebrate Fifty Birthday Kit, "Over Fifty and Feeling Frisky" Square Compact, Over The Hill Coffin, 50 and Fabulous Biddy, Grand Assortment Gift Box, Floral Retro Candy Gift Basket, "Hot Flash" Hand Painted Wine Glass, Fabulous 50th Birthday Create-A-Gift Bag, Aging Survival Kit, Old Age Combat Hat and Survival Kit, Whimsical Wishes Gift Basket and so on.

Life Begins After 40 ! This card is sure to put a smile on your friend's/ loved one's face !

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You have some more stuff to make your choice from. These gift items include Personalized Turning Old Birthday Wine Bottle Label, Over the Hill Parking Permit, Day clock, Gads you’re Ancient Cookie Pot, Personalized Birthday Chronicle, Mid-Life Crisis Decision Dice, The Middle-Ager Survival Kit, Hot Flashes T-Shirt, Over the Hill Make up Brush, "Decades" Personalized Martini Glass, Mother Goose Tells the Truth Book, Reminiscing Game for Seniors, Over the Hill Teddy Bear, Over The Hill Candy Bar Cake and many more.

There is another gift item for women that I found to be really cool while surfing the net. That is a Fun Female Gift Pack for AGE 40, AGE 50, or Over the Hill. Designed especially for Women, this gift pack is wrapped in black dot cello with lots of ribbons and a big black bow. Your gift contains a bouquet of black silk roses, an age # angel for protection from further aging, a hot flash fan (portable), exercise paddle ball and alarm whistle (can be used for protection from young studs who like Older Women), and an age come pot holder (can be used as a substitute for a "Depends" pad in an emergency). These are some of the gift items for Over the Hill birthdays that are highly in rage these days as I state after doing some exploration on the net.

A Romantic Toast ! Celebrate your sweetheart's/ spouse's Birthday with this special 'Over The Hill' B'day wish.

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