Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Over the Hill Birthday Party Gifts for Men !

Hey! So how did you all like my party ideas for Over the Hill birthday? Guess I have covered almost every detail required for the party and if anything is left out, I’ll surely post them soon. Done with the party ideas, I’m going to write something on Over the Hill birthday gifts for men. Let’s see how much I can cover in this area! I know most of us fall short of ideas and thereby end up with a mess while buying gift items for these oldies. But here I am to help you out with some cool tips as to what all you can pick as the birthday gift item for these oldies.

Over The Hill ! A fun Birthday ecard for your o'er the hill friends/ family/ near ones.

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Popular gifts for him include Mr. T in your pocket, A-Team T-shirts, Bruce Lee mouse mats, The Fonz from Happy Days mug, Cookie Monster bags, Elvis Presley fridge magnet gift sets, Elvis wackel dangers for the car, South Park figures and key rings, Strip Tease mugs, Beatles bags, Celebriducks ( celebrity rubber ducks ! ), Rolling Stones lighters and so on. Quality gift item with a wide selection of retro and classic characters Inc the Simpson’s, Family Guy, Snoopy and Friends, Betty Boop, The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Wacky Races, Captain Caveman, Dastardly and Muttley.

Some of the most wanted gift items for the Over the Hill birthday man comprise of Over The Hill Birthday Gift Basket, Over The Hill You Know You're Over 50 When, I'm Not 50 Birthday T-Shirt, 50 and Still a Sexy Beast Coot, Fifty Fortunes, Over The Hill Bouquet of Cookies, Bon Appetite Food Basket, Over The Hill Survival Kit, Over The Hill Ear/Nose Cleaner, Over The Hill Hot Sauce Gift Set, Over The Hill Toilet Targets, Benchmark Birthday Basket and Over The Hill Birthday Basket.

Over the Hill birthday sauces are a perfect birthday gift item and it would surely add a glee to the entire party mood as well as the honored person. Over the Hill sauce set is a very useful gift item and are highly appreciated by the birthday man. This unique gift is sure to get a laugh from that special person in your life turning the corner! Once you taste these sauces, you'll want more! The sauce set includes Hot Sauce 5.0 oz, BBQ Sauce 16.0 oz and Salsa 16.0 oz.

Birthday Express ! Make your loved one smile on his/ her over the hill Birthday.

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