Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby's 1st Birthday Party Planner Part- 1

It is not a very easy idea to organize your sweet one's first birthday. You should make plans in advance to invite your entire family, friends and relatives. After all, your baby's 1st birthday should be celebrated with loads of fun and games, with the entire family taking part in it.

This first birthday party features highlights from your baby's life over the past year and is a great family-and-friends event. Watch the time fly! Lets begin today planning for the invitations, decorations and costumes.

* Baby's First Picture: Photocopy your baby's first picture and use it as the front of a folded invitation. Inside, write the birthday party details under the heading "Vital Statistics."
* Baby Birth Certificate: Using a computer, make your own baby birth certificate invitation, modeling it after a real birth certificate. Fill in some of your baby's vital statistics along with the birthday party information, and send to your guests!

* Select a number of pictures and mementos from your baby's first year. Frame them with colored construction paper and tape them on the walls in chronological order. Don’t note the dates on the photos, as you’ll be asking party guests to guess when these events took place. (See "Games.")
* Set your baby's favorite toys in the middle of the party table as a birthday centerpiece. Or, use photographs and special memories from the past year to decorate the table.
* Play your baby's favorite music in the background.

* For a child's first birthday, a favorite outfit is appropriate party wear, as long as it’s comfortable.

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