Sunday, April 29, 2007

Husband's Birthday Gifts

So it's your dear hubby's birthday and you are losing your sleep, thinking what to gift him. You want to surprise your husband on his birthday by gifting something close to his heart, and for this you do some serious window shopping but rack your brains for not finding the appropriate gift for him ! But don't worry, dear wives, let me do some brainstorming and help you in picking up the perfect birthday gift for your hubby.

See how easily you can impress your dear husband with these gifts on his birthday:

# First of all, get your funds right. Plan if you want an expensive gift or something moderate. Remember, it's love and affection for your hubby that matters, and he will appreciate whatever little you pick up for him as a token of love. If your hubby is a travel freak, then you can surprise him with tickets to some exotic locale and enjoy a romantic getaway. If you want, you can also include one or two of his closest buddies.

# If your hubby is keen on adventures, plan something really thrilling like a canoe trip, river rafting, bungee jumping or a rock climbing expedition. He cannot be more happy to get a chance to indulge in his favorite activities!

# Plan your hubby's birthday gift which is exclusively for him only. Don't arrange for a garden barbecue or decorations for your living room, instead go for a long drive to some solitary and beautiful place and sit for a cosy and romantic dinner in one of his favorite restaurants. Order his most preferred cuisines and beverages. After that, you two can head for a nice romantic movie. Alternatively, you can also watch some mushy movies in the cosy corner of your home.

# You can gift your gadget loving hubby with his personal favorites on his birthday. He can sing in the shower with a shower companion stereo CD player with speakers, Digital Photo Frame with Bluetooth, Stereo Bluetooth Headsets, Waterproof ActionCameras, Shower companion cable TVs etc.

# Gift your husband personalized love poems in oak, gold, silver or crystal frames that speaks from your heart! It would be the perfect birthday gift. Personalize it with names, date and personal message. The touching poetry will become a lasting keepsake for your husband whom you love!

# Gift baskets are always a good idea to present your husband on his birthday. You can choose from Snack Food Basket, Delicious Gourmet Food Basket, Chocolate Gift Baskets, Colognes and Bath Products Baskets or a basket with collections of his favorite books!

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ford said...

I think gift should be useful that the couple may use it through out their life. We can gift them ornaments, Rockeries,decorative things, paintings and many more.

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raj kumar said...

Husbands also like to feel special and appreciates gifts on wedding anniversary. While you are going to choose gifts for them, first you have to remember his hobbies and for husband