Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Birthday Spanking !

Can you imagine a birthday bash without spankings? Well, the number of birthdays I have attended and especially that of my friends and fellow mates, this traditional rite has been successfully carried out by all of us on the birthday boy or the birthday girl. Despite all the fun and activities that our friend would arrange for us, we make sure to give her the biggest birthday gift that she would remember till her nest birthday at the least.

The number of birthday spankings depends on the milestone that our birthday friend would reach on that day and an additional spanking would also be honored to her as a free gift. Like, if the birthday girl or birthday boy reaches 20, the he or she would get 20+1 spankings on the day. This is the best part of the entire party for the invitees and the saddest part for the birthday person as he or she becomes the recipient of that overwhelming gift while we invitees take the pleasure of performing the task.

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The birthday girl or the birthday boy usually gets spankings at their bottom but sometimes we distort the process in our own way. Like, instead of giving him or her the bangs right at the bottom, we swing them in the air and then put them down in a way that their bottom gets a smack in as many times corresponding to their age plus one extra. In this case two people is requires; one who holds her arms and the other who holds her feet. We did this on our friend’s birthday last weekend and found it quite thrilling…so just thought of sharing it with you all. Nice birthday surprise no?

There are few more ways to give the spankings. By this I mean that, if the birthday person is a teen then why can’t we give her a better form of this surprise gift so that she remembers it at least till her next birthday? This lifting up form of spanking is a real fun, you know! We all enjoyed it a lot and you know what spice we added to it? While lifting her up, her arms and feet were held by two of us and another friend of us tickled her till we finished off with our spanks. You should have seen her condition! It was hilarious and this is was the best part that all of us including the birthday girl despite getting so much spankings and tickling had in the party. And now whenever we meet up or talk over the phone, we somehow end up the conversation with this spanking drama. It was a real enjoyment and fun on my part and now let’s see how much fun can you have on the same! Have a lok at this video that I have found on the net...its quite interesting!

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