Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for Dad !

Hello! So what’s up with you all? Have you enjoyed the birthday tips that I have been posting? I have posted few tips for your mom’s birthday party yesterday…so let me focus on another important person in our life and its needless to say that without the support, affection and the scolding of that gentleman…we wouldn’t have been what we are today. He has the biggest contribution in every child’s life except mom. Yeah…am talking about our dearest daddies. So what are your plans for your dad’s birthday party? Thinking as to how can you make it a bit special with a touch of exception? Then let me provide you with some cool tips on that too.

One of the best birthday party themes for your dad is ‘couch potato.’ Usually unlike the mommies, daddies prefer a more lavish life which is mainly about sitting back and relaxing for hours. Needless to say that Dad’s favorite place in the house is the couch, television remote control within reach, drink by his side, slippers on his feet, and snack in his lap. So therefore a couch potato birthday party will be absolutely homely and relaxing for your dad. Wondering what is it actually? Nothing much you have to do out here. This is not a bad thing, mind you. Dad works really hard Monday to Friday, so on the weekends he just wants to relax.

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On the party day, make your house as comfortable as possible. Keep everything neat and clean and make sure you either hire or get comfortable couches and cushions for a perfect relaxation ambiance. Place the television in a way so that it can be viewed from every corner of your house. Set up a baked potato food station in your kitchen and wrap the baked potatoes in tin foils to keep them warm. On the kitchen table, put butter, sour cream, chives, bacon, shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, baked beans, steamed broccoli, shredded chicken, and sautéed mushrooms. To keep clean up to a minimum, buy heavy-duty paper plates; stack it on the bottom shelf of the cart, along with napkins and plastic forks and knives. Buy plastic glassware and use paper cocktail napkins. Include water, sodas, Corona beer and mixed drinks in the bar. Make the guests sit in the couches created by you and serve them the extra large baked potatoes with those delicious toppings as mentioned above.

You can also throw a surprise party for your dad as surprise parties are all time favorites. Men irrespective of their age can’t do a compromise on one thing and that is Food. Yeah…they love to hog on good food and therefore you ought to do a better job in this area. Prepare all the favorite dishes of your dad and watch him shine away to glory. You can also throw a backyard party in the open air and call over all his friends and acquaintances to have a ball at your place. Don’t make the party too much fussy with loud music and chaotic stuffs. If you want to play some good music do so but avoid the higher volumes. Another charming idea that you can implement in your dad’s birthday is giving your mom and dad a free one-day tour package to any destination of his choice. He would love to have some good time with his wife as he doesn’t get the chance on the weekends.

So gear up yourself to throw a rocking bash on your dad’s birthday and bring a warm smile to his face. Make him feel at his best on this very special day by giving him every single stuff that he misses out on usual days. I’m coming up with more ideas soon…till then u enjoy the ideas here and check out these cute egreetings!

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