Monday, March 12, 2007

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Tips !

Sweet sixteen birthday parties are changing with time. Nowadays, teens barely want to have a party with loads of guests around…they enjoy a bash with their own set of buddies with whom they can have fun in their own way. Sweet sixteen parties usually involve lots of music, food and fun. The parties are no more generic and have really become an acknowledgement of adulthood and a celebration of the individual.

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Here are some party tips that include all the necessary stuffs for a sweet sixteen birthday bash:

  • Fun invitations for a sweet sixteen party include the number sixteen decorated with glitter, an old fashioned photo of a prim teenager and nothing sweeter can be if a sugar packet is enclosed with it.
  • Decoration ideas for sweet sixteen parties would preferably have personalized party banners, few number 16s, stuffed animals and dolls, pink, white and silver balloons and last but not the least a heart shaped confetti.
  • Fun activities and games are a must in sweet sixteen parties as this is the age when teenagers would never feel like sitting for a gossip. Teenagers are more into playful tasks and therefore games like answering 20 odd questions, twisters, celebrity or pop culture trivia and also darts with photos of super models and boy bands would simply rock the party.
  • Fun art and crafts also doesn’t lag behind in entertaining this squeaky youth group. Beading, temporary tattoos, t-shirt prints and cards or stationary making would have the attention of this age group fixed for few moments.
  • How can a party be a complete one without some mouth-watering foods? Sweet sixteen teenagers love hogging on stuffs like finger sandwiches, pretzels, fruit salads, cookies, lemonades and ice-creams. These are some of the basic food items that would undoubtedly leave a lingering smile on these sweet teens.
  • Want to add some fun favors to your sweet sixteen parties? Quickly get hold of some exciting stuffs like hair accessories, lip gloss, nail polish, tattoos, journals or diaries, rubber stamps and key chains and see them having extra fun with all these, especially girls. Guys and gals at this age love to experiment things on themselves and all these would give them an opportunity to try it on which nonetheless would leave them more contented.
  • Last but not the least…the most important stuff that contributes a lot to a sweet sixteen birthday party is the party theme. Few themes that perk up the party mood include Quinceanara, Tea Party, Slumber Party, Dance and Video Night. These themes are less fussy and teens would simply rock as soon as they would step into a party with such a theme.

Have A Rockin' 16th Birthday ! Wish your loved one/ son/ daughter/ friend on his/ her big day.

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