Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Birthday Celebrations around the World !

Birthdays are time to have endless fun with your family and siblings, associates and buddies and with everyone who hold a unique place in your life. Birthdays are celebrated all across the world and walk much above any barriers. Celebrating doesn’t always mean that one has to throw an extravagant party; he or she can have a pleasurable time with family and other close ones even sitting back at home. It’s all about having a good time with loved ones and the pattern of celebration fully depends on the taste and lifestyle of the honored person.

It is assumed that carousing Birthdays in Europe commenced with the originally Iranian cult of Mithras in Roman Empire. It was very rare during the middle ages but with the advent of reformation it was resurrected. A Happy Birthday song plays the role of the opener of the bash which is accompanied by the famous custom of slicing the birthday cake. A renowned custom behind the cutting of the cake which is widely practiced all over the world is wish fulfillment. While blowing out the candles, the birthday boy or the birthday girl makes a wish and then blows out the candles. Supposedly, it is thought to come true in the person’s life.

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On Birthday, the honored person gets a hug, a call or letters from his friends and family. Kids usually enjoy this special day by playing their favorite kiddo games. Adults prefer to celebrate their birthday privately in some restaurants by having a dinner with their friends. Surprise birthday parties are equally popular especially among the middle-aged people; they don’t get an idea that a party has been organized and as they step in to their respective house, they get the bombshell.

A custom of receiving of a bouquet of flower, ornamented with inexpensive gifts such as candies, lollipops, bubble gums, sugar cubes, lemon drops and many more on their Birthday was commonly practiced in 1950’s and 60’s depending on their age. Birthday bumps are also no less popular especially among teenagers. The birthday boy or the birthday girl is lifted on air by his or her friends and then placed on the ground slowly as many number of times as his age would be on his birthday.

Birthdays are celebrated specially on notable ages such as 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, and so on. One’s golden Birthday is also called as one’s Champagne Birthday, this happens when one’s age coincides with his date of birth. Many girls in the United States have sweet sixteen birthday parties. In Latin America, the 15th Birthday of a girl is a marked one and is traditionally celebrated.

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