Friday, March 16, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers - Part 2 !

Hello Guys! I’m back again with some more ideas on Toddler Birthday Bash. Apart from food, venue and theme…there are other things which demands equal attention on a toddler birthday party. Firstly, before penning down those attributes necessary to rock your toddler birthday party, I would like to mention that in a toddler birthday party, simple is the keyword and believe it or not…it will not only be a sheer fun on your part to make cool arrangements for those little champs but will also lead to a terrific enjoyment for everyone in the party.

A 1-derful B'day To You ! Wish your son/ daughter/ niece/ nephew/ grandchild a day full of happiness and fun !

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Here I’m going to write about those activities that would add some extra fun to your toddler birthday bash…kids at this age usually love messing themselves as they don’t have any tension to get scolding from their mommies. So, the more fun-loving your party will be the more will your little kiddo enjoy it. Toddlers love making music and so to make your party around that activity, you can have the duplicates of some favorite musical instruments such as drums, tambourines and maracas. You can also add more fun and frolic to the party with a toddler's birthday party music cd, comprising of some wonderful songs like “candy man”, “lollipop”, “the name game”, “yakety yak”, “chitty chitty bang bang”, “disco duck” and “Happy Birthday to You”.

Since those one-year old cutie pies hardly bear any sense of enjoyment other than their favorite sounds, it’s the elders who actually have fun in the party and so you need to make some arrangements for them too. You can introduce some games like Baby Bottle Bowling, Baby Gym Relay, Baby Monitor Madness and Take a Guess which would be of real fun and entertaining for the elders who will escort the babies. Are you wondering as to how to play these games? Well, you need to as long as I’m here.

Happy 1st Birthday ! Wish your nephew/ niece/ grandchild as he/ she celebrates this special day.

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Here are the details of these above mentioned games:

  • Baby Bottle Bowling is also known as a Good Baby Shower Game- arrange ten baby bottles filled with rice or water and place then on the floor like bowling pins. Mark an “X “a reasonable distance from the pins and then the players will take turns trying to get a strike using a ball.
  • Baby Monitor Madness is similar to treasure hunt. Two teams, among which one is the transmitter team and the other is the receiver team will be playing off. The transmitter team will read out the inklings about the different objects secreted in certain areas and the receiver team will have to find it out within time, at the success of which they’ll be rewarded with candies and lollipops.
  • Take a Guess in also a very endearing game for kids. You will have to fill up a jar with cheerios cereal and count them while filling. The participants have to make a guess as to how many cereals are there and the one with the closest guess will be rewarded.
  • Baby Gym Relay includes much moving for the adults. Divide the guests into two teams and put two baskets at the two corners of the room. One basket is filled with toys whereas the other one is vacant. Players take turns picking up a toy, crawling to the basket and put the toys into it. The team to finish it off first will be the champ.

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