Thursday, March 22, 2007

Birthday Gifts For Aries

Aries natives like being out front, the 'first in the neighborhood' so to speak. Find a gift that caters to their natural want for adventure.

Adventure sports can be a good bet, even sports they haven't taken up yet. Ju jitsu? Diving? Wakeboarding? There's no telling what they may decide to be first and best-at.

Entertainment? Make it a new club or dinner at a restaurant in town. Some place they can boast about going to first. If you're treating an Aries to a weekend away, going to a resort where they can 'lead the way' should work well. Take your Aries to a place where there's room to move and room to lead, especially some place where nobody in your circles of friends has gone yet.

If you're planning a home weekend, a gift video can work if it appeals to your Aries' knighthood. This may encompass anything from action and adventure to love and romance.

Make your Aries feel special, right down to the shimmery wrapping a present comes in. The ram loves gettting gifts, and even moreso if it shines.

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