Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers - Part 1!

Hey guys! I had posted enough ideas for teens and kids, but how can I forget about those little kiddos who just stepped in this world few months back and are yet to celebrate their very 1st birthday? Yeah…I’m talking about the toddlers. As I rightly believe that babies are God’s best creation…these little cuties deserve to be treated as prince and princesses on their very special 1st birthday. And I’m sure that most of the mommies are wondering as to how you can steal these beautiful innocent moments and keep them safely entrenched in an album. When your little toddler will grow up, these memories will make them feel how much special they are to their loved ones.

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Here’s a collection of few tips as to how you can make your toddler’s birthday a winning one with a bit of your effort:

  • Create a bubbly birthday theme which will make your toddler and all other kiddos feel elated at their very first step into the party. Some of the most apt ones are our topical comic characters such as Donald duck, Barney, Barbie dolls, trains and Winnie the Pooh. You can also enliven the party with themes like, 1st birthday boy, 1st birthday girl, baby Einstein, barnyard 1st birthday, musical 1st birthday and one is fun.
  • Keep food simple for the little ones because most of it ends up loitering on the floor in any case. Finger food would be excellent for both toddlers and their parents who will be coming along with them. Feed their young ones with milk and diluted fruit juices. Peanuts and other rock solid food should be avoided as it may cause a choking hazard to the little ones. Some of the preferred kinds of food comprise organic bread sticks, tiny sandwiches with cheese spread, cubes of mild cheese and mini fromage frais cartons.
  • Home is the apt venue for this cute party. Children feel free and comfortable at home than in any other place. Adorn your home with colorful papers, favorite photos of the birthday child, stuffed animals, happy Toddler Birthday banners or posters and helium balloons and streamers to match the party theme.

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