Saturday, March 24, 2007

50th Birthday Party Ideas - Part 2

Hey! I’m back again with my collection of few more tips for your 50th birthday celebration. I wrote on some exquisite themes which will go well with your 50th birthday party in my last post after checking out the same in the internet. So, this time let me give you some ideas on party activities that would keep your attention fixed till the end. 50th party doesn’t mean it has to be something as boring as relaxing in your cozy sofa and having some gossips. You can always perk up the birthday mood by adding some fun content to it. This is your golden milestone and therefore you ought to include something exclusive in order to make it an everlasting happy memory. Have a look at these ideas and see how you can actually make your 50th birthday party a real blockbuster…something that will be cherished forever!

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For the person looking for a good 50th birthday party idea..... Have all of the guests dress in black and then be sure that the guest of honor dresses in white (or vice versa - guests in white and guest of honor in black) - either way it makes for a fun evening - the guest of honor is immediately recognizable and the pictures look great! Another rocking idea is a heart-warming hat-themed party. For this party guests are asked to 'put on their thinking caps' and bring a hat that represents some part of their relationship with the person whose birthday it is. They might have hats in their closets that would serve this purpose (a cap from the school they both attended, or their mutual favorite sports team), or they may find themselves having to decorate or build their own hats, with symbols that represent their relationship or memories with the Birthday boomer. Though this party requires some investigative/creative work from the guests ahead of time, their efforts will be rewarded by the birthday person’s appreciation as he/she walks through the party looking at what guests have thought up.

Dance the night away with life long friends and family featuring music from the good old days! Combine the 50th birthday with a fun party theme like Luau, Western, or Mardi Gras. Placing old photos of friends on big posters brings back memories and stories of the good old days. Dominoes are a wonderful game idea for the 50th birthday party. As the players (boys and girls) enter the hall, they are given dominoes cut out of cardboard. They pin it to their clothes. There are 2 complete sets of these cards (28 pieces in each set). The cards of one set are given to the girls; the cards of the other set are given to the boys. If there are more than 56 persons at the party you may take 2,4, 6, 8…more numbers of the complete sets. Before the dance begins the players at the leader's signal make pairs according to the principle of dominoes. C.f. the boy with the card 5-2 may ask to a dance a girl with the card 2-6; 2-4; 2-3; 2-0 or 5-6; 5-4; 5-3; 5-1; 5-0. Sometimes the leader may announce the change of the partners. (In this case the leader gives advance notice to the guests about his/her intentions while they are dancing). Then all the pairs change, make the pairs according to the same principle. Not enough, right? Alright…if I find any more ideas, I’ll surely post them soon.

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