Monday, March 26, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for your Mom !

Hello Guys! I’m again back with loads of ideas on birthday parties and this time my post will pay a tribute to those honorable figurines in our lives without whom all of us are incomplete. Yeah…I’m talking about our parents who have given us the best of this world and now it’s our turn to buy a smile to their faces on their birthday. Lets start off with our dearest mommies first. So how many of you are actually close to your mom and how many are close to your dad? Hey! I must confess that I’m more close to my mom and she is no less than my best friend. Have you ever thought of making your mom’s birthday party an extra special? Throw a surprise birthday party and don’t even utter a single word about it in front of your mom before the blast. Involve your close friends into it and avoid the other family members as this will keep the privacy.

Surprise birthday parties are a fantastic ideas and this will leave your mom spellbound will a range of mixed emotions. Choose a party theme of her choice as you must be knowing your mom’s favorite stuffs. Call upon all her friends; arrange for some family videos where you have captured some special moments with your mom, you can also have some good music of your mom’s choice and play them as background music tuning in a lower volume. If your mom is too young, you can have some rock music also depending on her choice and watch her tap her feet along with the beats. Your mom would love to share her sweetest moments with her friends and as soon as you will play them, it will bring a glorifying smile to your mom’s face.

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Thinking about what to serve your mom on her birthday? Hey…why don’t you try out something with your own hands on that day….trust me, even if you’re not a good cook, the very smell of that food will do the wonder as the dish cooked by you will have the taste of that unconditional love and affection for your mom. Mothers are like angels, know that? They don’t go in for the external beauties…they cherish the internal beauty that is imbibed in your gift. If you can’t cook the meal, try preparing the birthday cake by yourself as that doesn’t require much of effort, do a proper icing and then decorate it with a sweet note of birthday on top of it. You can also make cookies, salads, sandwiches, pizzas and chocolate pies as these are not so time consuming and also have a sweet flavor to spell a cast on the party mood. If you can cook a meal then include all that your mom loves and also try cooking something that is also loved by her friends as mommies are more concerned about others than themselves. If the guests are happy then no matter how much salt you put in your mom’s food…she will always have a smile in her face!

This is what I thought can make your mom’s birthday party really a thought-provoking one but this is only for a household party. You can also throw a party outside the house. If your mommy if more into adventures and traveling, gift her a package of a one day trip to some nearby place where she would love to land up with her hubby and have the best time of her life. Let her spend that special day of her life with her better-half as the entire year she spends it with you all. You can also take her for a family picnic to a beautiful place with lots of fun activities around that would keep her engaged throughout and forget all the household tensions. Take her to a perfect ride which would make her feel way too special and gift her some golden moments that she would love to cherish forever. It’s your mom’s birthday guys! Wake up and start off with the best of planning…I’m coming up with more ideas on the same and till then you enjoy these ideas. Let me know if you have any ideas too…I would be glad to have them!

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