Saturday, March 17, 2007

21st Birthday Party Ideas - Part 1 !

21st birthday marks the greatest difference in everyone’s lives…they step into a new world of adulthood and get the license to freak out as per their wish. It’s absolutely different from other birthday milestones as this is one of the most rocking ages which make the 21st adult of 21st century take life for a cool ride. Allow your 21st year old haughty guy or gal to have their own share of fun at their birthday party in their own way. This is an age when the parents do not really need to make any arrangements and if needed, do so with your child’s consent. Kids at this age usually prefer having a bash outside home so that they can enjoy their own privacy without any hesitation.

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If you are given a choice to throw a party at home by your 21st year old child…here are few tips that you can follow which would rightly set the mood of the birthday party:

  • Few good games and activities that would keep your 21st year-old and his or her buddies’ attention fixed include fuzzy duck, celebrity couples, la-di-dah, musical men, Ben Dover, think while you drink, give me names, newspaper games, Roxanne, life saver, Charades, camera game, barstool game, shoe scramble, stand up and shout, Grand Old Duke of York, drinking rules, fizz buzz, head butt, panic word and pass the ice.
  • Whether you throw a costume party or not, the birthday person should be decked out for maximum attention and if you choose, you will have maximum embarrassment. Before the party, buy helium birthday balloons so you can tie them to the birthday person’s wrist. The birthday person is instantly center of attention, and you don’t run the risk of losing them in a crowd. To get the whole party involved, throw a toga party. All you need are white sheets and green wreaths to wear in your hair and a big group of people to chant “Toga! Toga! Toga!”
  • If you go with the toga party theme, a fashion show and costume contest are in order. Award prizes for most elaborate, skimpiest and most authentic togas. Organize a tipsy Olympics with alcohol-fueled games like dizzy bats or a series of drinking games. Going out? Pub crawls introduce the birthday person to some great new hangouts and help them get used to flashing their ID.

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This is the birthday everybody looks forward to…and some can barely remember afterwards. Celebrate your independence with these great tips for a 21st birthday party.

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