Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens - Part 2 !

Here again, I have collected few more party provisions that would make your teen’s birthday party become the talk of the town right after. If you want to make your teen’s birthday party a real success, always take your child’s opinion before putting any of your ideas into action. Let your teen take the decision. If he/ she say a no-no to any formal party, let them enjoy their birthdays on their chosen way. Teens dream of this day to come so do not commit any mistake of inviting wrong guests for the party or even choosing a theme which is not liked by your child. That’s for the worried parents who might get stuck up with thoughts as to what can bring an everlasting smile to their teen’s face.

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What all themes can leave your teen absolutely awestruck on their birthday? Many of you might be thinking this as a tough issue but let me make it a bit lighter than what you are thinking. It’s not so tough either. While choosing a theme for your teen’s birthday, just keep in mind that it should be lively, enjoyable and match the taste of the age group of the invitees. A backyard party is quite well in vogue these days. That wont even involve too much of fuss as outside parties are in a way safe and don’t cause any muddle to your household. Salon party is one of the most famous party ideas in town among these ages since girls have a transition from dolls to make up at this time. So take them to a newly opened salon in the town and see them having a gala time there pampering their rosy cheeks and golden locks. Halloween party, Valentines party, Mystery party, Fortune Telling party, Limo Romp and Titanic party are some of the eminent party theme ideas loved by the Teens.

What is it without which your teen’s most awaited birthday party would be a gloom? Yeah…you r right! It’s music! Strike up the band and make your birthday teen as well as his or her friends get absolutely swept off their feet with some rock n’ roll music. Duran Duran is one of the most favored songs often played in birthday parties. Rocdoc, Miss Anne, Various Singers, Sonya Mendez and Hillz are some of the hip hopping musical albums that can turn the party into a boom. Hard Metals are a no-no for birthdays since they can prove to be brainstorming for some, especially gals and are not enjoyed by everyone.

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The last tip that would give your teen’s birthday party a stunning finishing touch…can you guess? Food of course! Yeah…some of the favored cuisines are Roasted garlic- thyme soup, sautéed chicken in Albarino wine sauce with wild mushroom Pomes anna, arugula, radicchio and endive salad, chocolate raspberry Bavarian cake and coffee almond ice cream cake with dark chocolate sauce. Cocktails and syrups also play a key ingredient in the course. A palatable birthday buffet makes a party absolutely exhilarating and leaves your birthday teen as well as the guests highly contented when after having all the fun, they would sit down for some relaxation and all these lip-smacking recipes would do wonder on their tired faces. If I find some more hip-hopping ideas that would make your teen’s birthday more enjoyable, I would surely let you know through my posts.

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