Friday, March 23, 2007

50th Birthday Party Ideas - Part 1

Hello Guys! Are any of you thinking of celebrating your 50th birthday party this weekend? If this is so…then this post of mine would ease your efforts to an extent as today I feel like writing on the 50th birthday party celebration ideas. So get started with these tips and throw a big bash, celebrating your golden era. The fiftieth birthday is a big one- half a century, a real landmark. Instead of moping about how old you’re getting, why not celebrate?

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Have a "Genuine Antique Person" party. Although it is still more of a jest at 50, it is original and has many possibilities for decorating. If you try for an aged country theme you can simulate the air of antiquity fairly cheaply. Fill small metal pails with flowers for centerpieces. You can buy small wooden wheelbarrows in craft stores to paint and scatter in the function room for decoration. Use candles generously. Scour yard sales and flea markets for "antiques" - wooden wheels, hurricane lamps, weather vanes, let your imagination go. Renaissance Foil has an antiquing product that you can apply to many surfaces, creating aged-looking pails, bowls and candlesticks, which you can find at craft stores. Place squares of dusty blue, green, and red (the shades that are common in "country" decorating) fabric and permanent markers at each table for people to sign and make an "antique person" wishes quilt. Make chocolates for favors using country molds.

A fiftieth birthday makes a perfect occasion for a destination party. If you want to celebrate your birthday at the beach, but you live in the Midwest, get some cheap tickets for your family and fly to the coast. If skiing is your thing, let everyone know they’ll be heading to the mountains.

Another rocking party idea is a Wish-Ida trip to Europe. Your party theme can be European travel. Request guests to bring books on travel, travel gear and luggage. Plan a French menu and decorate with travel brochures! Start thinking about a real getaway. Apart from the Wish-Ida trip there are other stuffs also that a Wish-Ida party theme enjoy, like Wish-Ida finished your degree theme. Here, Gifts can be school related items... schedule planners, books, pen and pencils, briefcase and books. Decorations can create a campus effect with pom-poms and college banners. The local college class schedule for the upcoming semester and admissions booklets may turn this Wish-Ida party into a graduation party in a few hours! Enjoy these hip-hopping ideas on 50th birthday party celebrations and soon I’ll be coming up with few more ideas in addition to this.

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